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Cold Spring Harbor, NY


Now that I have so much time at home with Daniela, we looked for places to visit this weekend with the boys.
Found great places in Long Island, NY. 
And our mission now to show you that New York is so much more than Time Square, The Statue Liberty and even Wall Street in Manhattan. I know that these places are well known and everyone wants to be there at least for a minute; but New York has so much to show you.
This first stop was in Cold Spring Harbor, NY 
Leo (my son) has always wanted to fishing and we find the perfect places for this him to do it. 
Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium
This is the perfect places for the kids, they will enjoy feeding the fish and the different pools they have. 
Here there is a special pool were the kids can fishing, here you can also rent the fishing pole. 
They are open all year only close for holidays. 
I can tell my kids had a great time, so if you have the time to come to NY do not miss the place. 
We then drove to town, for lunch and stop at:

The Gourmet Whaler: 

This is a small place where aside from selling food they also sell art work that is exhibit on the walls, you can check it out while you eat and if you like any of them you can buy it at the end of your meal, something very interesting for us. 
The food was the incredible they have the BEST fish tacos EVER…. Lol.. for real, the mango salsa that comes with then is the bomb!!!.
Andres, got a Chicken soup and the only thing he could said was Delicious!!!. Leo order a Cheese Burger and he also was not disappointed my kid love it.
Inside we find something very unusually… (well, at least for us). We had never heard of this kind of cheeses.  
After this delectable lunch we had to have a walk to the park to continue to enjoy the view and the weather…. And this was how we ended our visit to Cold Spring Harbor.
Here, I have a some pictures for you: 



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