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Drugstore mini-haul

Today was a shopping day… I had to stop at the drugstore since I am a little sick 🙁 .. 
(this weather in New York is crazy this days), and obviously I couldn’t leave before taken some beauty products to try for you guys. 
I did not get a lot… but some nice lipsticks and one mascara from Maybelline, I can’t wait to try this one… looks really nice. One more product that I can’t wait to try is the “Super Stay 14-hr Lipstick”. Does this really last 14 hours? I am so curious to see the results on this lipstick. 

I am cutting short the blog today… I really don’t feel good… I have to work tomorrow and need to rest so I can have a better day… At least better than today. 
I will be writing the reviews for this products as soon as I feel better..:-)

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