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Full Lash Bloom by Covergirl personal review…

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 CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom

I can say that the Pink cylindrical container
pretty cute. The wand and brush are strong (too strong I think!!), the formula
is soft the lashes and the good part is that do not clump.

I did not this it works for me … I have seen the commercial where they show
this full volume lashes on this singer and it looks unbelievably beautiful, I
guess I was expecting something like that, but my results were not even close
to that. 

As you can see on the pictures
below my lashes not look with volume, they just look colored, no more. Also when
I used it the color started to shade away and at the end of the day I had “raccoon
eyes” (Sorry I did not took a picture of myself) it was not a good look, trust
I did read a couple of reviews for this same
product before writing my review  and they all had mix feelings. I can honestly tell you that I tried it,
I gave it the benefit of the doubt but not, I personally would not recommend
this product, sorry.  

If you still would like to try this mascara you can check it out here

Prices start at 8.99.

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