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Grocery shopping… What!!!, I have to cook too?

Grocery shopping day!!! 

I am a new chef!!? 


This morning my daughter woke up extra early… and I thought: “Now that I am home I
should be able to sleep a little longer … since I do not have to work”
but noooooo 🙁
This is part of my shopping trip… 




So, we
got ready and head straight to the Supermarket to get our groceries for the
week… and let me tell you, I am really worry.. because I have never cook
before, yes!! is true; although I like to cook I never had the chance to do it
before since I was always working…
I had to get everything we need, I some things I like …lol
We are a Latino family in New York so we eat a lot of special things that are not so easy
to find in a regular supermarket; like: Arepas (corn Grills), Avena (Oatmeal
Smoothie) and I also got
 Goya Products as well as fruits and
vegetables for soups and everything else. 
Grocery shopping... What!!!, I have to cook too?As you can see Daniela was having just a good time with mami but I was ready to go
home… it is hard to shop with a baby… She wanted to grab everything but I
manage to distract her with the supermarket flyer… lol… 
After we finish in the Super I was ready to go home.. this was my work out for the day,
putting Dani in and out of the car plus getting the bags in the car and out
when we got home… it was a lot; but hey!!! I did it… 
I guess, with a little more time I will be use to do this every week…. 



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