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Old Navy Haul

Starting the second week at home with my little girl 

The first week passed and all I can say is:
Thank goodness that week is over… I am so TIRED!!! 
There were 3 things very clear this week:
The first thing is that Daniela has so much energy;
the second that I am in very bad shape and the third one is I don’t have
comfortable clothes to wear at home.
I worked for 15 years and in our days off from
work we were never home.
Now that I am not working and with Daniela at
home I need to find clothes that is comfy and easy to wear.
So, this past Thursday our destination was Old Navy….
I used to go to Old Navy to get my working
clothes always looking for very dressy clothes, now I am looking for casual,
easy clothes something “baby friendly”….
I almost walk out of the store empty handed I
was lost …Until I saw the leggings section… 
I’m not much of a leggings person but due to the fact that I am going to be home most of the time what can be more comfortable than these.
I when a little crazy and got 3 Tami tops6 leggings ,
2 Tops and 1 Drapey Twill Pant.
Old Navy has an excellent selection of leggings, their prints are original and the material that their clothes is made with is soft; just what I was looking for. 

I can be calm now being
sure that I will have a good time with my baby at home.

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