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Skin Clearing Serum from Radha Beauty personal review

Skin Clearing Serum

I received a sample to do a review and give my honest feedback
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First Impression

The tubular silver container is pretty modern and cool, very easy to handle and easy to take on the road (in case you travel constantly).
This Product made with all organic ingredients and natural oils, pretty awesome!!!… What I notice is that the direction of use is short and simple but it would have been really nice if specified at lease how many times per week we can use this product. I guess it is safe to use every night!?. This Serum has a very pleasant herbal essence that ones the product is applied this aroma goes away and your skin is left nice and soft.
Skin Clearing Serum was created as a Age-Defying Serum but it also help you repair blemished skin, unclogging pores and bring new skin the surface while undoing the signs of aging.

My thoughts 

My skin type is oily and it gets dry very easily so I am very careful with what
I used in my face. I have been using Skin Clearing Serum for a couple of
days already and I am truly pleased with the results, I know that it is a short
time to see any major differences but as of today my skin is smooth and my
blemishes are getting lighter (as you can see on
my before and after pics) this makes me really excited and the best of all
is that my skin is not dry at all!! which is something huge for me.


I love waking up with a clean and smooth face. I definitely will continue to use it this product, I love it
so far.


The price for this product is $59.99 but is on sale right now for $22.89.


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