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Summer is here… lets have fun with the kids..


Crayola Experience, in Easton PA

Fun for kids of all ages… 

My family and I spend a long weekend in PA…and part of all our adventures we visited Crayola Experience, in Easton P.A.

We all had a great time there.  These four floors of pure fun will make your day pass flying… We all learn how the crayons are made from scratch in the Crayola factory, the kids got free crayons boxes and markers and the best of all they are allow writing and painting wherever they want to.
Summer is here... lets have fun with the kids..
The building is divide in zones, each zones is named as the particular activity they can do in it. Like on the 2nd floor they this zone named “Marker Mania” here the kids can create their own marker mixing the colors and see how the markers are made or the “Toddler Town” where the youngest ones can play with the ball maze where they have all the control. Yeah!!! So much fun….  
Crayola Experience has a birthday room for those that like to celebrate their birthdays in special places, also have the Crayola café where you can relax after the long walk and the Crayola Store where you can find very special souvenirs that you can’t find anywhere else.

Overall, this was a fantastic stop in out road trip.. We will definitely comeback and I will recommended to my family and friends… like you!!!..
For directions and tickets you can visit the Crayola Website.

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9 thoughts on “Summer is here… lets have fun with the kids..

  1. My goodness, I didn’t know such a thing existed. What an amazing idea, and it sounds like they’ve put an awful lot of thought and effort into designing an attraction that would interest kids. Shame it’s not in the UK, 🙁 but if I’m ever in the US I’ll bear it in mind. #Alittlebitofeverything

  2. I didn’t even know such a place existed! It seems like it was a very fun trip! I think I would like to go there too. 🙂 #Alittlebitofeverything

  3. Wow! My 8 year old would love that place! I used to travel to PA all the time when I lived in MD and I never knew of that place. I will have to check it out next time I’m down that way. Thanks for sharing on #alittlebitofeverything

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