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Bear Mountain State Park, NY Mother’s Day Trip

Mother’s Day Weekend 


This weekend we partner up with my cousin and her family and headed to Bear Mountain State Park, NY to spend Mother’s Day.

My cousin also has 2 kids so we were up to have a great time…. 
(I hope!!!.. lol)


The morning was really chill and foggy it also looked like it was going to rain.. that was not good at all!!!


We first stop for food supplies because we plan a picnic afternoon after walking and playing (hopping the weather gets better).

Bear Mountain is almost one hour drive from where we live. This was my second time at Bear Mountain and  I love all the colors you can find in nature it is just a beautiful place to go to.

My kids had all the space in the world to run and play they had a great time, and more because we live in the city so the green zones around us are limited. Daniela had never seeing so much green in her short life. lol…. I feel healthy now!!!… lol.

 When we got there the boys started to play right away… they were really excited…

After they play for a short time, our walk started… First stop: the Lake; we walked all around it nice and slow, Dani wanted to stop every step she took to look at the Lake she couldn’t believe what she was looking at, so much water in one place…. lol. We then headed to the Trailside Museum and Zoo.  Almost a 20 min walk from the Lake, maybe less but we had kids so everything takes more time than normal… Not kidding!!!.


The entrance is free but they accept Donation.. Always nice to help!!. Here we had a great time looking at the animal in their habitat. 

The Museum is really informative; there is a lot of object and pictures that show you about the history of Bear Mountain. Leo loved it.. Right next to the museum it is a trail to scenic views area where the sight is just breath taken. 

At this point we where so exhausted that even thinking in our way back to the car make us get even more tired. We (the adults were almost half dead) were tired but the kids were full of energy, when we got back to the car had our picnic and the kids and adults played football, even Daniela wanted to be included and was really sad when she was not included in the game… But it’s ok, her cousin play with her.  

This was a pretty busy Mother’s Day, but, what can be more rewarding than seeing your kids having a good time….
At the end of the day, we all had a fantastic family day… and were glad that were able to expend this time together. 

There is so much more to see and do in Bear Mountain State Park, if you want to have more information visit their website, Here.

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  2. We used to have family picnics every holiday at Bear Mountain back in the 60’s when we lived in New Rochelle. One year a bunch of us kids got lost and had to poop in the woods using leaves…aaah childhood memories! #ProductReviewParty

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