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Every week is an improvement

Every week is an improvement 

Three weeks at home already!!.. I stop today and
remember my first day… lol,
running behind Daniela no letting her touch anything
else but her toys… feeding her, bathing her, getting ready for nap time (she
did not nap with me for the first week). Everything seems so much and so stressful, Daniela is very active. I remember calling my mother thanking her for taking care of me when I was
little (my mother was always a SAHM). My mother like a good latina laugh at what I was saying and then she said “ahora ya tu sabes lo que es bueno!!” (“now you know what
is good!!”) 
At the end of that week I was exhausted,
half dead… my entire body was in pain.. like if I have gone to the Gym.. This
was like an extreme workout!!! ..lol (I have to laugh now)..
Now, Dani also help me in the kitchen and it is her favorite place to be, where she can find her favorite toys to play with…

 The kitchen is a chaos every single night… but I am always willing to clean because I have her all the time by my side. I know what she is doing and she is letting me do what I have to do. 


The cooking was another challenge; what to cook
and how much will be enough for everybody… I wonder so much about the sazon,
the flavor in food, I am not good in following recipes so I decided to make my
own recipe and try with different flavors… Thank goodness everything work out
fine and my family still alive… lol
Not kidding, I am a good cook after all.
Like, this was todays dinner:
Lentil soup, white rice, salad, toston (fried
plantain) and pork chop… it looks good right?
I am feeling so proud of myself!!! I am doing it… lol

Although everyday is different and comes with his own challenge I
know now that I will be able to take care of it.  



I am glad I’m doing this and I’m enjoying every minute I can spend with my kids. 

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