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At home with the kids..

This isn’t a regular morning…

So, my big boy stayed home today from school .. he is not feeling well this morning .. so instead of breakfast for 2  it was breakfast for 3. 

What did we have… 

Fresh squeezed orange juice, 
scramble eggs with Mortadella and of course 
Arepa with cheese….  
It look something like this: 

It is really nice to have him home during the weekdays but I think Daniela is extra happy today.. she has been uncontrollable; running, screaming, singing, hugging Leo and also fighting with him.
We just came back from the Supermarket and she was all over the place.. is incredible how she has change in one day, I hope that this is just for today and tomorrow come back to be the good girl she has been so far.  

Daniela is adorable don’t let her face distract you… Lol

And for lunch and dinner today I will be cooking Rotisserie Chicken and vegetables soup, white rice with bake Tilapia fillets, tostones and Guacamole, heyyy is 5 de Mayo!!! 😉 


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