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I can smell it, Summer is in the air…

 Great couple of  days at home

I can definitely say that this is one of the reasons
that make me happier of being able to stay home with my kids. Spend time with
my little one is the most important part of all this change in my life.
This couple of days we have enjoyed a really nice
weather in New York it is almost like summer… the sun is shining, finally!!
This week we when to the Queens Zoo.. At the beginning
she was not too happy about it; I really didn’t understood why she was not
happy to see the animal, luckily this zoo is divided into two sections; one is
the wild animals zone and the other side is the petting zoo. Ones we got to the
petting zoo she was fine, happy and curious to see these animals. Daniela did
not feed them, she just like to look at them eating.. Lol. I was very happy that
finally she was having a good time.

The next day in the morning I received a very
special package! I had no idea where it was coming from but Daniela as curious as
I was and helped me empty the box in one second. Oh, surprise these were all
products from Physicians Formula that I have won. Sincerely, I thought I was going
to received only one product from them; but when I saw all of this I was in
shock… I’m really exited to start my review of your products!!!  Thanks again @PFCosmetics for all my goodies…


We then had breakfast in the backyard, Daniela was the happiest eating outside, this was the first experience for her, because last summer Dani was only like 9 or 10 months and we did not exposure her to too much to the sun.

This week comes to the end in a very high note, I
feel more secure mow of what I am doing at home and how I am doing it. I think that writing this journal is making me more aware of what I have to do to
keep being a good mom and try not to mess up. My husband is been more
appreciative towards me and understand that been a full time mom is also a full
time job.



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