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Influenster – Fresca Vox Box Personal Review

I received a this sample box from @Influenster to do a review of the products and give my honest feedback


This was the first box I received from Influenster and I am really happy I got to tried this products.

I received six products in is #FrescaVoxBox:

The first one I will talk about is the *Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Daily Scrub:

This is a liquid and clear product with a very pleasant aroma, (I really like the scent!!!), is oil free, and contains antioxidant white tea, moisturizing vitamin E to prevent your skin to over dry. IMG_1466

I enjoyed  using this #HealthySkinBoosters, I used it ones a day when cleaning my face at night and it leave you a nice refreshing feeling, beside of course of deep cleaning. The nice scent help me relax and have a good night sleep…

Want more information from Neutrogena visit their FB page : Neutrogena or Twitter: @Neutrogena use #HealthySkinBoosters


*Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream:

I thought that all shaving cream were the same… That was why I always use the same brand, but this Pure Silk  brand change my mind. The raspberry scent is subtle and the cream is very thick so a little goes a long way.

Usually right after I finish to shave I have to apply some type of moisturizer cream because my legs feel dry, but with this shaving  cream I did not have to moisture after, my legs feel nice and smooth, I was surprise with the result and obviously happy to show my legs, now, I am ready for Summer… lol

Want more information from Pure Silk visit their FB page : PureSilkShaveCream or Twitter: @PureSilkShave use #LovePureSilk


*Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner:

Clear product with a very minor mint scent, this shampoo and conditioner are made in part with natural ingredients and are also dye Free.

Unfortunately, this shampoo and conditioner did not work for me I supposed to have a moisture, smooth and silky hair but instead my hair looked dry and without shine.

I like when my shampoo makes lots of foam and this one doesn’t, I also like when my conditioner spreads through my hair and I am able to pass my fingers thru and my hair is nice and smooth, free of tangles… But, I did not get it with this product. Sadly, for my type of hair this product is not the best.

Want more information from Not Your Mother’s Brand visit their FB page: Not Your Mother’s or Twitter: @nymbrands  use #NotYourMother’s


* NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Rockaway Ruby

I was so much in love with this lip gloss that I had to do separate review for it. You can check it out Here.

Want more information from NYC New York Color visit their FB page: NYCNewYorkColor or Twitter: @NYCNewYorkColor use #NYCLaquer


*JAFRA Blends

I received this Blends in 3 different scents: 1.Violet Pomegranate, 2. Sea Salt Rose Petals, 3. Blackberry Juniper Magnolia.

Base on the description I can blend this fragrances together to create a scent that  is unique, just for me. I did mixed them up in several different ways, it was really fun!! until I got the perfect one for me.

I can say that each one of them have a really nice scent and I will use them as they come, the blending is fun but I enjoy them more original. The scent did not last long but you can reapply as you please, the container is very easy to carry.

You can follow JAFRA on their FB page: JafraUsa or Twitter:  @JafraUSA use #myJAFRAblend



*Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs:

Last but not least, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, this is my first time using this kind of tanning products. I thought that they were hard to use, since you have to be careful that the tone always stay the same, right?

This Airbrush from Sally Hansen application is really simple and dries fast, perfect legs in one minute!!!… This product is water resistant but removes easy with water, soap and a washcloth. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs come in 5 different shades you can find yours in your look retainer.

I enjoy showing my legs this weekend. I definitely did not look as pale as I am right now since winter just passed and summer is slowly approaching… lol


Follow Sally Hansen on their FB page: SallyHansen and Twitter: @SallyHansen use #AirBrushPerfectLegs


Great time reviewing this #FrescaVoxBox thanks again @Influenster




 Has anyone else used any of this product before? What was your experience with them? Let me know. 

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