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Mega Impact Mascara By Wet N Wild personal review

MegaImpact Mascara

First Impression
Long bright orange container is easy to grab and easy to carry, with a simple design on the top and bold black letters.
The wand is strong and long with a very thick brush to provided more volume to your lashes. This MegaImpact Mascara contains silicon complex that provides elasticity and flexibility to your lashes it is also enriched with Argan oil to promote health and condition to your lashes
The product has a very strong smoke-like smell, it is not very pleasant.

My Thoughts
Love the brush on this mascara is strong, a little thin to the top and full to the base, really nice, unfortunately, the product itself is to dry, I had to apply several coats before I started to notice some shade of color.. it is very dry, and this is not all… unfortunately it also has a strong smokey aroma, it is not comfortable at all, the smell is so strong that I was not even comfortable finishing with the application of the mascara.
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