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NYX “The Adorable” Shadow Palette Personal Review

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NYX Cosmetics Shadow Palette

I am really excited to review this palette from NYC. I do not normally use eye shadows but when I saw these palettes I just like them a lot.

I got this palette from Target and I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet; I’m also not sure if these palettes are new or not but I just have to get it. There are 4 different palettes, named: Natural, Smokey, Sex Bomb and Adorable, they all have very nice shadow colors.IMG_1494

I choose the palette named: Adorable, I think that this shadow colors match more my personality, it has 6 different shadows 4 of them are matte and two with a little shimmer for night looks.


Like I mention before I don’t really use eye shadows and that is because they intimidate me a little… the colors and matching them make my excitant and so I rather not use anything, and that is one think I like about this palette, that color are moreIMG_1042 neutral and in the back of the case it show me how can I use the shadows giving me a day and a night look, so I feel a little more comfortable using it.

The pigmentation on this shadows are not to strong making the application simple and worry-free.. (at least for me!!) so if you mess up is easy to cover it…

I am open to learn to use eye shadows and I think that this simple palette is a good start up for some of us that are mothers but also enjoy looking good..


Are you good with make up?

What is your advice to me that I am just getting started?






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8 thoughts on “NYX “The Adorable” Shadow Palette Personal Review

  1. I wear eye shadows at times for they are neutral colors. I guess I don’t want my makeup to look so dramatic. I have used NYX cosmetics before but not this palette. #ProductReviewParty

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