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Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara from Physicians Formula personal review

Organic PF 1

First Impression:

This Mascara will be the first eyes product from Physicians Formula that I have ever tried. 
What really caught my attention was the presentation and the fact that is an organic product; again I have never used and organic product before.
This is the coolest container that I have seeing; the bright red color and the leaf shape bottle makes this product very attractive
to the consumer.
This Mascara is 100% made with natural products like Organic
Orange Water extracted from orange fruit to hydrate and moisturize, 100% natural color pigments, it also has rice protein, organic Tapioca starch and Organic Beeswax.
Organic PF 3.

The wand is long and strong, (very nice looking wand) the brush is bold and flexible just enough to have a full coverage in your lashes. 




My Thoughts:

  The product is very soft while applying it but you have to apply multiple coats to start getting some volume.   

Base on the Mascara box cover this product gives you; quote: “Almost unbelievable *Volume, *Length and *Curl” and let me tell you.. These products don’t lie…. It ALMOST gives me volume and length and I totally miss the curl on my lashes.



Organic PF 2


I also believe that because this mascara is made with all natural products is why it doesn’t last long and you have to reapply thru the day. 





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