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This Week.. Personal review

This week is FINALLY getting to it end.. I am really glad that my partner is home during the weekends. Although I am excited that the weekend is here and we get to spend time as a family is also true that by this time all I want to do is sleep and let my husband take care of the kids…. the entire day if is possible, That will be awesome!!!


This week was pretty busy.. but when isn’t it!!?

Monday: Grocery shopping… thinking what to cook and what I need for the week is getting easier to me.

Red Beans, White rice, sweet plantain, short pork rips, avocado and lime
Grocery shopping trip on Monday….
Dani likes my cooking but I think she enjoys eating the Lime better…











I am enjoying to cook and just experimenting with flavors…

Even thought it is just shopping it takes me a lot of time to finish with it, Dani is a very playful little girl and I have to be really patient with her and be really careful that she don’t touch anything.. :-S

Tuesday and Wednesday: We spend most of our time reconnecting with family… I used to work 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday, Saturday and Sunday was only for us as a family … we did not have time to go visit any of our family members or for them to come to our home.. but this week I tried to reconnect with them and let Daniela spend a good time with her cousins she had a really nice time with them … Although the stop playing just in time to see the Mickey Mouse Club House.. Dani never miss it and I guess her little cousins also like the show….



Thursday:  We did ran some errands but that didn’t took much of our time and the rest of the day we spend it home however with Dani is never a slow day…

heading out… Daniela looking good with glasses

 Friday: This was the most intense day so far, we did have a lot to do… but it was amazingly fun.

I put Intagram on fire and post pictures of all the high lights of our day … you can check it out @Fortheloveto. I really enjoy taking you guys on the road with me and show you what was our day like… although our days are not always like this one,  it was really fun to show you places of New York and thinks we do here as a family. Hope you enjoy it too…

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