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Traveling back in time


Get ready to travel into the medieval times in New York.

If by any chance you have the opportunity to travel to New York this summer you cannot miss the change to go to Tuxedo Park, NY and relive the medieval times.
This outdoor park will cover you with it magic and take you back in time. Ones you are inside of the park go straight to the Costume room where you are able to wear medieval clothes, just like back in time.
The Queen will greet you while parading down the streets of her land.

There is so much to see and do here….  You can witness knight battles, you can taste their food and for the adults we can also have beer tasting!!.
We can also buy their clothes and the kids will have so much fun with their comedy, dance and music acts…
Little girls will enjoy a special time with the fairies in the Enchanted Forest where they can have their face painted by the fairies.
New York Renaissance Faire is a great experience and a change to live in a time we can’t even imagine.

For more information you can visit the New York Renaissance Faire website. 

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