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Trilane Retinol+Vitamin C Personal Review

I received a sample to do a review and give my honest feedback Disclosure-Sponsored Post – Post contains Amazon Link

First Impressions:

Light clear bottle with white pump containing 1fl. oz. of the formula, the product is also clear and liquid, the direction of use on the back of the container is clear and simple as are the warnings. The product as I mentions is clear, liquid and it has an oily feeling and it is fragrance free. This product is made with mostly natural ingredients like: Jojoba Esters, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamins A & C amount other products to help you keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. This formula is set to unclog pores, reduce the appearance of brown spots, and delivers a gentle exfoliation to help maintain your skin fresh and new.



My thought:

 I like a lot the container it is very delicate and it definitely show the high quality of the brand that is made from.

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At first I didn’t like the feeling; it was to oily for me, but then I realized that I was using too much of the product (I used two pumps) the next night I used just one pump and was just enough for my entire face and neck and this time the product dry really fast and I did not end with an oily face.

I just use it ones a day because my skin is very oily and I did not want to make my skin worse since I did not know how this product was going to work, but I was happy to see that my face was not extra oily through the day.

I can honestly say that after one week using this product and can definitely see a smooth skin texture and a clean feeling all around. I understand that is product is expensive but I can frankly say that it is worth the money.

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5 thoughts on “Trilane Retinol+Vitamin C Personal Review

  1. This sounds similar to vitamin e oil. I’m like you, I can’t do products that are oily since I already have oily skin. I’m very heavy handed when it comes to apply products. #ProductReviewParty

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