4 D’ Love 2 Link-up Party #1

I guess, to learn something I have to start trying something…

I want to welcome all to my first Link-up, hope to connect with all of you. This link-up is on from Wednesday until Friday to give enough time to all bloggers out there to come and share their favorite post with us. Wishing you all have a nice time sharing, connecting and commenting


Link up rules

1. Comment on the hosts post to say hi, and comment on at least 2 other post, to start building our friendship

2. Share it on Twitter- mentioning @fortheloveto and using #4Dlove2Linky, I will retweet it.

3. Finally, if you could follow this blog (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) would be great!

Any post (Beauty, PR, Lifestyle, etc) is welcome.. But remember they need to be family friendly

In order for the link-up to work, please comment! and share.


 Quieres unirte a este Linkup? Tambien puedes, las reglas son muy faciles:


1. Comenta en este post para saludar, y también comenta en por lo menos 2 post mas, para empezar a conocernos y crear una amistad.

2. Comparte en Twitter mencionado @Fortheloveto y usando #4Dlove2Linky. Yo le hare retweet también,

3. Finalmente sigue este blog (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) seria genial y no cuesta nada!!.

Todos los post (Belleza, Reseña de productos, estilo de vida, etc)son bienvenidos.., pero recuerda q sea amigables para todos.


Para q esta Link-up funcione, por favor comente en los demás post!! Y por favor comparta esta linky-up in sus redes sociales.



8 thoughts on “4 D’ Love 2 Link-up Party #1

    1. Hi Stacey.. thank you very much for the nomination Liebster award is a great way to get to know bloggers all around.

  1. Hi there!! Found this link party on Google +… glad I found it! It’s always nice to meet new people.

    I’m excited to post up every week.

    Btw, I don’t think you can use #4D’love2linky… I think it has to be #4Dlove2Linky… At least I couldn’t get it to use the ‘ …

    Thanks for hosting! 🙂

    1. Britni, thank you for the FYA and linking up with us…. really glad your here!!!

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