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Life changes… difficult to handle

 Mommy Guilt


I can’t believe that I have being home for 3 months already…  I know for some people this change can be really easy but unfortunately for me has been a struggle. I adore staying home with my kids, watching them every day and knowing what they are up to, it is the best, but the truth is that we are not doing so good…

What it has bothered me the most is the lost of my income not only for myself expenses but also for the expenses of the house. At home I always go 50/50 with my husband; although He keeps telling me that he is fine I know that this is very hard for him too; He has been working overtime with not days off since, He looks tired and not so happy any more. Sadly I couldn’t find anything at home that helps me get revenue. So, in that matter I came to the conclusion that I have to go back to the working field, even if it is part time. The decision is harder now that Daniela has grown so close to me and all she wants is mami, mami, mami all the time.  

Like I mention a couple post before my mother is here with us, so she is going to help me take care of the kids. Thank goodness for mommy!!


Being a good person and hard worker pays

After some phone calls and a of meetings I am happy to say that I have some awesome friends that are willing to help me in this hard time. Part time job found and ready to start. I know that the person that is hiring me knows me and that this job is only a part time, but I also know that I have to let my friend feel confident that he did good giving me a chance and that I am going to give 100% like I do always.


Therefore, Last weekend was really busy getting the last minute things I need to start with the right feet; some comfortable shoes and the right clothing to give a good first impression.

Please do not mind the mirror!!! it was really dirty….. lol

But besides all the shopping I have the chance spend a really good time with my little one here is the proof :

funtimes2 funtimes



Right now I have the excitement to go back to work but I also start to feel the mommy guilt for having to leave my baby again. ..

This mommy life is not easy!!!

Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome the mommy guilt?











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3 thoughts on “Life changes… difficult to handle

  1. I wish I could tell you how to rid the mummy guilt! I work full time now and am very lucky that my son spends most of the week with my mum and only a couple of days in nursery. That does not stop the guilt though, it is constantly there but most of the time it is kept down. Every now and then I have a bit of a meltdown (you’ll usually find a blog post about it!), and then it’s down again. It’s not easy but you know you are doing it for the reasons you are and that it kind of has to be done. It makes it better when you get that money and know that you are supporting your family. Good luck lovely. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Good for you! That’s awesome. No kids yet for me, but the big decision will be to stay home or not with them someday. I’m a teacher, so I’ll probably have to keep working to support them. We’ll see. I know I’ll want to spend every moment with them that I can. Love your pictures! #Twinkly Tuesday

  3. I wish I knew how to make the mommy guilt go away too!!! I’m getting ready to go back to work after baby #3. I’d love to stay home until she’s a year old, but it just isn’t possible for us. It’s never easy to leave for work. At least not for me. It doesn’t matter how old they get – I want to spend that time with them. ((Hugs)) for you & best of luck at the new job!!!

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