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My experience with Nexium 24HR. Personal review

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Since being at home gives me enough time to indulge in my favorite foods, I never thought that I was creating my worst nightmare.

One day I woke up felling really sick and with intense heartburn, I took a regular heartburn pill and it work just for a couple for hours and then the heartburn came back more severe and this time was affecting my throat. The pain on my throat was really bad and I was taken straight to the doctor because I was even losing my voice.

I never thought that what I was eating can cause so much pain and sickness. After several tests done that diagnostic was SEVERE Acid Reflux; the treatment: 14 days over the counter heartburn pills. The doctor told me that I can no longer eat the food I love because that can cause the heartburn to come back. I have been taken care of myself, following the doctor’s diet. I have also been using Nexium 24HR for the past week and I can frankly say that I can feel the difference between some other brands that offer heartburn relief.  Nexium 24HR work almost instantly, I just have to take one pill per day I am ready to enjoy my day.



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  1. I’ve heard my friends mention the heartburn when they are pregnant. thankfully i havent had the symptoms. I wonder if this would be safe during pregnancy.

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