Colossal Chaotic Lash by Maybelline New York, Personal Review

Colossal Chaotic Lash

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First Impression


This yellow oval shape container with black bold letters is very comfortable to handle.The wand is strong and long with a long straight brush bristles, the top of the brush is curve to help give the chaotic look to your lashes. This Volume Express mascara will give your lashes a new, modern look to your regular day. This formula is very easy to apply; it is not to liquid or thick and dries up pretty fast.

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My Thoughts


I got this New Maybelline Mascara at my local Target. This was the first time I see or heard about this mascara. I haven’t even seen the commercial about it. I was really curious about the chaotic look which I think this is the first mascara I have see that promote a new more modern look.


I was so interested in this product that I had to use it as soon as I got home. Really love the “chaotic” look to the container; the product is scent free and what I like the most is that the product doesn’t clump on the brush, it dries up fast and do not ran out, (I mean, you do not finish with Raccoon looking eyes at the end of the day).


Ones I applied this mascara I definitely saw a more voluminous lashes…. Soooo happy, I like it so far. To get the chaotic look, I have to use the brush top (the curve part) and just mess up the lashes moving the brush side to side.


This is when I said, “Ok, this may not be a good idea for me”. My lashes are short and very thin, so with the chaotic look it seems that I have shortest and fewer lashes, it was definitely not a good look for me.

Colossal Chaotiques 3


I still used this mascara; because I love the product and the volume it give to my lashes, I just do not go chaotic on them… lol.

Have you ever tried this mascara? Please comment and let me know that are your thoughts about it.

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