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OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Personal Review


I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback Disclosure-Sponsored Post – Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.


First Impression

This pain relief cream comes in a white, 4 oz cylindrical container with red and blue letters. The product is also white and ones apply is not sticky and dries fast. It has a very refreshing menthol essence and a little of this cream goes a long way. For more information about this product visit Healthy Directions website.

About the Company

As Healthy Directions mention on their website:

In 2004, the business was sold and officially rebranded as Healthy Directions. Today Healthy Directions we are proud to be a leading health publisher and direct-to-consumer retailer of doctor-formulated nutritional supplements and skincare products, dedicated to helping people lead healthier, happier lives. Healthy Directions provides expert guidance and advanced nutritional supplements from America’s most knowledgeable and highly respected integrative and alternative health doctors including Julian Whitaker, MD, Dr. David Williams, Stephen Sinatra, MD, Susan Lark, MD, Aaron Tabor, MD, Richard Wurtman, MD, and Joseph Pergolizzi, Jr., MD.
For more information about the company please visit Healthy Direction here. 



My Thoughts

Since returning to work I have to spend a long time standing up and this is triggering my lower back to hurt a lot, so much that there are times that I can’t even walk straight and I have to sit down and wait until I feel a little better.
I honestly did not use any product before to relief my pain but just laying down in my bed.

When I received this OxyRub cream I was really excited to have something to release my pain with. I started right away applying the cream twice a day.
Because the main ingredient is menthol, it is very refreshing and cool when you have it in your skin. OxyRub is very easy to apply and the best part is that this cream is non sticky and dries fast, so, there is not uncomfortable feeling. Ones applied you can feel a cool and relaxing sensation in the affected area and a sense of relief that last for the time you have the refreshing sensation. Unfortunately the relief does not last long and the pain comes back as soon as the cream “penetrated” your skin.
Personally after using this product daily for almost 2 weeks I have not seen or feel any variation on my lower back, at this time my pain remains the same.
But every person is different and the results may be different for anybody else.
If you are interested in trying this product I have a 20% discount offer for you. Order OxyRub here and use the code SAVEOXY2.

Promotion code expires 12/31/15. 

Do you use any pain relief medicine?… Please comment  





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4 thoughts on “OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Personal Review

  1. Your back pain sound like you may need more then pain relief rub. Have you seen a doctor about it? For light body aches I use “salonpas” they are a patch that you stick on the pained area. I use them on my neck when I feel a headache coming on and they work wonders. Thanks for hosting!

  2. I suffer from chronic back pain. Nothing seems to help me except very light stretching first thing in the morning. I also try to do a little light yoga in the evenings and that helps before I go to sleep. Hope you find relief soon!

  3. Best of luck with your back pain, maybe some stretches to strengthen that area of your back? I’m not a doctor, so perhaps someone else will chime in with another solution. I hope you get some relief soon.

    BTW, hope to see you add a link on Wednesdays at my link up, would love the opportunity to play host for you.

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