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Road trip to Dinosaur State Park, CT

Road trip to Dinosaur State Park, CT

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The day started with nothing plan… it head it to be a normal Saturday at home… and with “normal” I mean: Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc… and I was not up for it. I woke them up really early in the morning and basically force them to get ready ….lol. I told my husband that I wanted to drive away from home and have a fun day since it was a beautiful day out….

Because we did not have a specific location to go to, we drove east bound heading to Connecticut and stop at the first rest stop we on the way. Here, we had breakfast and decided for the place we should go. Connecticut has a lot of beautiful places to visit and different activities for the family.

Our new destination now was the Dinosaur State Park, it sound really nice to visit since my son love Dinosaur and get to know more about them always makes him happy, and it was perfect for our little one too.

Dinosaur State Park is lactated in Rocky Hill, CT., almost 2 hours away from New York City; Dinosaur State Park is open to the public since 1968, and the area uncovered original dinosaur tracks that were discovered during excavation for a new state building. The exhibit center is open from Tuesday to Sunday until 4:30 p.m General admission is $6 dollars for adults and $2 dollars for kids 12 and up. Park Grounds are open daily 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and Trails close at 4 p.m. the park entrance has no cost. If you would like to get more information about the park visit their website here.

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Our experience at the exhibit center was mixed… We were happy and curious to see everything but we were sad to see that the museum was sort of small… we were done in almost 20 minutes, the fun part for the kids was the Discover area where the kids got to play and see different kinds of rocks found in the area, there was also a table where Daniela had the chance to paint and created her own bookmark with stamps available for the kids to used, really nice place for the kids to play and learn.

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Dinosaur State Park 5

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After we finish visiting the Dome, it was time to hit the Trails…. The area is divided in different trail zones the red zone is the shortest, yellow, blue and orange were a little longer and with some difficulty. Definitely, no stroller is my suggestion. We started with the red trail zone and then switch to the yellow trail zone… honestly, with a baby it gets really difficult; even though Daniela walked a little I was afraid she could fall and scratch herself with anything on the ground.

Dinosaur State Park 8 Dinosaur State Park 10 Dinosaur State Park 12 Dinosaur State Park 9

We just cut the trail short and finish with it as soon as we can.. There was not much to see in there… I thought that I was going to find some type of dinosaur prints of something like that…






Overall, I can say that we did enjoy our visit to Dinosaur State Park, the kids have fun themselves and at the end of the day we enjoy our time together as a family, that for me it is more important.


Now, is time to head back home and I don’t even want to think about what I have to do when I get home. Well….., there is always Sunday…..lol.



* I was not paid to write this post or given free tickets in exchange for a review. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience we had in our visit *





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  1. Looks like a fun place! My kiddos love dinosaurs (in fact my 4 year old regularly schools me when I get the name of one of them wrong) and would love to visit a place like this!

    Thanks for sharing and keep on travelling!

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