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Daniela’s Monthly favorite #4

Danis favorite 2



I know that every baby is different and they all have something they can’t live without, the babies have a favorite toy, a favorite bottle, ect.

Danielas’s favorite will be her blanket… she cannot live without it… she sleeps with it, plays with it, talk to it, dance with it, she does everything she can do with this blanket.. lol.   

In order to take care of Daniela we have to change her blanket almost every day for a clean one because she spend the entire day using it.

Danis favorite

Dani received her first blanket when she was born (almost 2 years ago… woooow), one of my aunts bought it for her and since then this blanket has been her number one choice; and because we notice that she like it so much we had buy her 3 more blankets (was this to extreme?).

The perfect blanket is from CARTER’S; it is made from 100% cotton which made this blanket the softest out there; it is stretchable enough to cover her and what I love is that it never losses it shape, and even thou these blankets have been washed so many times in this 22 months they haven’t lose their color.

Carter’s is a brand that we love, their clothes is soft, just perfect to take care of your baby skin, and they have the pretties little designs, their accessories are modern and fashionable for our modern little babies.

Danis favorite 3
I couldn’t get this blanket from Dani for the picture…. :-/


This last weekend we decided to go and buy her one more but for our surprise ……the brand do not carry this blanket any more…. WHAT!!!! (PANIC MODE)… now I have to take care of the ones she has because, I honestly don’t know what to do if she doesn’t her companion. Hopefully Carter’s will come out with this blankets again… (wishful thinking!!!) 



What is your baby’s favorite? or do YOU have a something you can’t live without? Comment







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5 thoughts on “Daniela’s Monthly favorite #4

  1. Blankies were my children’s favorites too, in fact they were my favorites when I was young, I still have the first baby blanket I had, my grandmother made it for me. It is a patchwork quilt, it was stitched and restitched, I still love it. So, take care of those blankies!

  2. She’s adorable! Oddly enough, both my kids don’t have any attachments to ‘items’…toys, stuffies, blankets..nothing! It’s so weird. I tried to get my first to get attached to a little bear so that when we sleep at other places that she knows she has the comfort of the bear…but she could care less. So I gave up with #2 trying to get her to get comfort from a certain item…. 🙂 Thanks for linking and hope to see you back on Wednesday with #famjamlinky

  3. My daughter loves her blanket. We never go anywhere without it. Your little girl is so cute! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  4. My 8 year old daughter still carries around a blanket. She wraps it around herself while walking around the house and when she goes to bed. The blanket use to be her older sister’s but was passed down to her when she was a baby. #ProductReviewParty

  5. Aww, my daughter was attached to a blanket and a teletubby. Unfortunately, she lost her teletubby and they had discontinued the show by that point including the merchandise (I have no idea where we even acquired the stuffed animal in the first place!), so I looked around everywhere including ebay for another one. It was an unusual size, so had trouble finding it, but finally a lady a town over had one. Phew!

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