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Voluminous miss Manga Mascara by Loreal Paris

 Loreal Miss Manga 8


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First Impression


Metallic pink top and matte black bottom; it oval shape container make it easy to hold and it is very light weight.

The wand is flexible and the cone shape brush with shorter bristles the top of the brush and longer bristles to the end makes the application simple and easy to cover all the lashes even those hard to reach.

Loreal Miss Manga 7


My Thoughts


I got this Mascara almost 2 weeks ago, I know that it is not a new mascara in the market but I was always curious about this product.


My first thought was … “hoooo no!!.. This wand is too flexible!!! .

Personally I prefer a nice strong wand. I understand that flexibility will help with the application, but still I like the strong wand; but after using it I was really surprise with this wand, I could reach even my shorter lashes without worrying of getting messy.


The product is scent free and I what I enjoy a lot is that the product doesn’t clump on the brush or your lashes, it dries up fast and do not ran out, (I mean, you do not finish with Raccoon looking eyes at the end of the day).


Ones I applied this mascara I did not notice much of a voluminous lashes…. But even thou I did not obtain the desire volume I like using this product and the fact the I can use it all day and will not finish with dark circles on my eyes.


Loreal Miss Manga 6








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4 thoughts on “Voluminous miss Manga Mascara by Loreal Paris

  1. The before and after photos look great. This mascara unfortunately didn’t work well for me. Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  2. I hate flexible mascara wands, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Like the idea of a mascara that doesn’t leave black circles 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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