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Working on a Holiday….


Hey guys!!!….

I know that this new topic for me may not be as new for someone else; but for me working on a Holiday was really estranged and sad…

Before….. on a long weekend like this one; we used to get out on a road trip and spend the next to 2 night relaxing and having a fun family time.. but this time around this was not possible ….

I woke up this morning feeling sad for having my family at home and for me to be the only one heading to work.. but, hey!!! I mom got to do, what a mom got to do, right!!!  and for me was going to work… 🙁


Labor day 1

The day started with an empty road…. it is pretty strange to find an empty road in New York,  but I was happy to be the only one driving at 6:30 A.M., an usual 15 min drive took me just 8 min … yes, I was really early at work.

Like the empty streets of New York this morning, almost the same was the restaurant where I work… also pretty unusual!!! 

Today, I was determined to make the best out of this day and give a holiday gift to some luck costumers…. How? you may ask!!!!! well, this particular restaurant where I work has recently created an app that is giving really nice offers on your mobile phone and well, I used this coupons from my phone to pay from someone’s drink or to give them a free extra sandwich or maybe just $1 dollar off the entire purchase….

It was not a lot, but I found out that even if it was not a lot of people was so gratefully with me for this simple act and they were willing to bless to a total stranger like me…. I had never make anything like this before, I had never help a brother or sister before, and this act of kindness literally change my life.

We all can made an act of kindness even with something simple like a hug…


Have you ever help a total stranger? What had been your act of kindness?









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11 thoughts on “Working on a Holiday….

  1. I’ve worked in a restaurant since I was 13, so I work most holidays, we have learned as a family that we can celebrate any day, and we do! I love that you turned this into an opportunity to give to others, that shows what a great person you are, what a big heart!!!

  2. I love random acts of kindness – the tiniest thing can mean something huge to someone else. A man gave me a car park ticket which still had 2 hours left on it the other day to save me paying – I was already late for an appointment so I was really glad of not having to waste any more time paying at the machine! Thanks for hosting #alittlebitofeverything

  3. What a great thing to do! Someone else would have gone into work with a bad attitude all day because they’d rather be home with their family. To turn the situation around & make it positive & make the day a bit better for some customers was a really kind thing to do! And, it changed your life for the better. Thanks so much for sharing this! I hope the customers you were kind to passed the kindness along. #alittlebitofeverything x

  4. It is wonderful to help strangers. holding a door or carrying a suitcase down the stairs are all things I do from time to time. The pleasure on someones face makes it more than worth it and usually stays with me.

  5. I am usually giving total strangers food. There is also this little old lady that is a card dealer at one of the casinos here and she has no family here and she is always so nice to my husband and I that I want to invite her to Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for hostessing the fab #Alittlebitofeverything!

  6. I love doing little random acts of kindness! I can’t describe the feeling it gives me when I give back in some small way. I even wrote a blog about how I am teaching my kids this same value. It sucks to work on a holiday but good for you for giving back. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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