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Family that creates together…

This week we started out with a very traditional Colombian Breakfast … We drove 15 mim. to our favorite Colombian Bakery here in New York .. Thank goodnest  is not so far from us.                                                                                                                                                                      Here in New York there are so  many Colombian Bakeries, they all have their different taste and Colombian flavor; but so far this place has the best Empanadas we have tried. IMG_0349[1] I love the beef Empanadas ; but they can also be fill with chicken, cheese or even sea food, the filling is precook and once the dough is fill and close in like “half moon style” the final product is fried until is fully cook and the dough and nice and crispy!!! jummmm, jummm   The week continue with a pretty early work schedule…. I am the second from last and as you can see my day started at 6 am most of the week…. Pretty early for me… 🙁 but I did the best of it…. in a good note I get to have more time with the kids.  IMG_0350[1]   By Monday or Tuesday I received in the mail my box from Smiley 360 and the mission from Airheads the #Airheadcrafts, a great reason to spend quality time with the entire family.

I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback Disclosure-Sponsored Post – Post contains Affiliate Links.

The mission is to create something out of the Airhead candy… Honestly it was kind of hard at first to come out with a creative idea… the first instruction was to be creative and all they did was starting to eat the candy!!!!! …. They look so funny … trying to take the candy behind my back. I did catch them a couple times and snap these pictures…. IMG_0322[1] When we started to play and do little things with the candy and the inspiration started to flow… We used a glaze donut I have got for myself and they started building this donut Airhead guy. Like I mention for the body we used one glaze donut, for the eyes 2 Airhead bites, a mini muffin for the nose, one airhead candy cut in half, one half for the mustache and the other half for the hair.   IMG_0352[1] I was excited to see Leo having a good time coming out with ideas… Leo is almost a teenager is getting harder and harder to spend time with him… We are not “cool” any more, His life now are his friends and his cell phone.  Any time that we can get to spend together is a plus.  


The rest of the week passed without any more surprises and when the weekend came upon us.. it was time to take Leo to the Orthodontics for his follow up appointment; one that was really excited to be there was Daniela..IMG_0354[1]

the staff knows her already and let her be their little dental assistant. Dani loves every time we go there. I have to thanks all the staff, they are the nicest and most dedicated crew, they take care of the patient and the family too, making us feel comfortable and welcome.



I  am glad I have the chance to spend more time with my family now… I love to see my kids grow and not anyone else telling me how their day was. I know things are harder now, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. #Family100%



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  1. What a fun little way to spend time together:) we skipped church Sunday night to get ready for the week and ended up loosing power so we played games by candlelight. One of our greatest nights in a while:)

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