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Last week recap…



Like in past weeks I have been crazy busy at work and at home.. Even thou Leo is in school already Dani still as active as she can be.. I can honestly say that Daniela is 100 times more active that Leonardo ever was when he was 2 years old; Daniela is always like on high speed mode.. lol…. Are all second kids the same way?

Now that my husband have been home for 6 weeks due to his fracture, He can feel what I was going thru every single day that I was home 5 months ago.. I was almost going crazy with her,  she is a non stop little baby machine… lol… He can relate to that now.

This week was fill with surprises:



Package received from BzzAgent ..


Thanks @Crest for the great toothpaste.. I still using it and the still loving it.. the #sugarshield is a plus with us since we are a very sweet tooth family. Crest is giving the change visit Coupons.com to get some savings of your own!


I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback -Sponsored Post – Post contains Affiliate Links.

Tuesday                                                                                                                                                                                         I visit McDonalds for lunch and I find out that they now are offering All Day Breakfast …  I we happy to go and get what I like the most (McGriddles Sandwiches) but not 🙁 … the All day breakfast is just a limited menu that only include their Muffins sandwiches, hutcakes, burrito and fruit & Maple oatmeal.                                                      Since I am not a lover of the Muffins I when ahead and order from the Summer break menu .. nuggets and French fries for only $2.50. Not bad at all….. IMG_0238[1]     Wednesday                                                                                                                                  One more package on the mail box…. this time from Crowdtap…  and it was not exactly for me.. Daniela received her Play All day Elmo toy from #Playskool. IMG_0243[1]  I love it and Daniela loves it more…. This Elmo toy is perfect for a full play day for any active child like mine (in this case) Like I mention before my little one is always on “turbo mode” and this toy has it all… with almost 8 different games and more than 150 responses. Elmo is also ready to nap time singing lullaby and kissing your child good night. IMG_0225[1] This All Day Elmo toy is so soft and cuddly that Dani can’t stop hugging it. 🙂                                                                                                                                                                   I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback -Sponsored Post –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thursday                                                                                           This Thursday was a pretty normal working day for my and school day for my oldest one… My husband still home because of this fracture and he has a follow up appointment on Friday .. crossing my fingers all is going well with him.                                                                                                                                                                                                Friday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Day off from work… this is an important day for my husband .. doctors appointment following up his fracture. As per the doctors report: the fracture remains open and even thou it is healing still not enough to go back to work since He has to walk up and down covering 7 floors; but on a good note, He can start little by little to wear his regular shoes… My husband is sooooo happy to heard that!!! lol. 

Saturday and Sunday


I love weekends… Saturday we went out looking for Daniela’s winter jacket and some winter close since weather is prompt to change.

and Sunday was all outdoor fun!! the weather was nice and warm for a walk a long the beach and of course Daniela was trying to get in the water.. not even the cold water was stopping her until daddy grab her and started to play with the rocks.


The afternoon was play time in the park for the 2 of them… Leonardo was trying to kick the ball but Daniela was always in his way so I left daddy and Leo on the soccer field and I when with Dani to the play ground to play in the swings.

As you can see in the pictures she had a very good time there.




Although I work hard every single day I still take the time to spend with my family and offer them the best part of me.





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  1. Busy busy week! Chasing two little ones, working, and keeping the house in order is no easy feat. Here’s to the best kind of busy weeks!🍻 Glad to have found you.

  2. I was so excited when I heard breakfast would be served all day! And then when I realized I couldn’t get my bacon egg and cheese biscuit I was like, well then what’s the point?! I think a lot of people are bummed about it. Thanks for linking up on my blog!

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