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Centrum MultiGummies Personal Review


I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback –  Sponsored Post


Almost 2 weeks ago I received this free sample from Smiley360 and I was just coming out of a very strong Cool I had due to the change of weather here in NY.

I thought: ” this came just in time to help me recover” and since I do not like to take pills; well,  gummies is perfect to star taking vitamins and reinforce my immune system, plus, this multivitamins will also provide me with energy and will also help with my metabolism. CENTRUM IS PERFECT!!!

Pills are boring and hard take… honestly, I always forget to take them .. but, now Centrum has make it better for everyone, how does not like gummies!!? I know I do!!


Centrum® is a multibenefit multivitamin with three natural flavors, Orange, Cherry and Berry  and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. awesome!!! no more strong medicine taste like vitamins.  Count me in!!!. With just to gummies a day you can start your road to a better health.

If you are like me that don’t like pills but feel the necessity to start taking care of yourself with multivitamins; this is a great way to start.

Here is a $2 dollar discount coupon just for you and you can learn more about these awesome new gummies by clicking here.



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3 thoughts on “Centrum MultiGummies Personal Review

  1. I so need to look into getting this. I actually had an allergic reaction to centrum about 2 years ago but it was the huge regular pills.

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