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Are All Mommies Super Heroes?

mommies super heroesWomen grow up to be strong and independent, but never have I though  that we can grow up to be super heroes….


Now more that ever I am pretty sure we can do it all…. Mommies can be like Flash… we can handle a very hard day at work, come home to cook, play with the kids, keep the house clean, clothes folded and organized and still have the time to watch our favorite TV show or write a new post for our blog. Mommies are psychic, we know where every single toy from our little ones was left even from the day before; we also know when someone from our family is sick or is starting to feel sick (and this is just by looking at the person).

All mommies have this sixth and seventh sense that tells us when something is wrong or something wrong is about to happen; like, when the kids are jumping on the sofa… you let them know “be careful, you can get hurt is better to stop “,  them you raise up (just a little) your voice…” you, guys are going to get hurt, I already told you to stop” … you then hear a loud bang follow by one of the kids crying…. then you say: “I knew someone was going to end up crying,,, I told you to stop it, but you guys never listen”   lol….  I just had a flashback and heard my mother yelling at me and repeating the same words….


Now, that I have a teenager at home I have become even a mind reader like Martian Manhunter.. everything time my kid gets upset for something or I didn’t let him do or maybe I didn’t let him go somewhere and he gives me the “look”… I say “I know what you are thinking, but not even like that I am going to change my mind” lol …

By the way, have you notice that the Super heroes never get sick? well, so are the moms, we have no time to get sick!!! seriously, between, work, home clean, cook, kids, making the hubby happy (you know what I meant 😉 ) there is just not enough time for us to fell sick or tired for the matter.

Super Heroes? Yes, I am pretty sure all moms have the super hero blood in them … and we do not need a mask to hide our identity or super tight clothes to performed better, we just live our regular life’s loving and caring for our family.

What Super hero are you? What other super powers you can show off here… come and comment










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2 thoughts on “Are All Mommies Super Heroes?

  1. I agree with you, we are superheroes! I have a teenager at home too but so far, I haven’t gotten too much grief from him. I am lucky…so far. The most that happens is he gives me an attitude when I ask him to clean his room or wash his dishes. Considering all of the other shenanigans teens can get into these days, I am grateful that’s all I’ve gotten up to this point. He’s only 14 though. I still have another 4 to 5 years to go. LOL!

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