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Never Though This Was Possible 

emergencyThis has been a very rough week for us..  2 visits to the ER in one week is not fun at all… 

First, on Wednesday with Dani; she was having high fever and vomiting for 2 days, the over the counter medicine  was not working and since she is a baby I can’t adventure with any kind of medicine, but only what the doctors prescribed and also I  like to have on record that my child was sick and taken care off.  

We got to the ER kids area at around 10 PM she was register and vitals were taken… We were called  inside almost 30 minutes later and she was treated right away, the doctor advice that it was virus that is going around, it will last 3 to 4 days and then is gone, Dani was given medicine to lower the fever and was left for observation for 20 min more and since she had not fever she was discharged. 

We drove to the pharmacy right away to get her the medicine indicated by the doctor, we got home at around 12 AM, with a tired and sick baby, but; hopefully she is going to get well soon. 

Now, she still a little sick with cough, but at least the fever didn’t  come back, that is what scare me the most.

And on Friday I had to rush my husband to the ER as well; he woke up with chest pain, high fever, strong headache, and body pain.He was starting to feel sick since Monday we though it was going to be regular cold, but this time he was refusing to eat, something  unusual on him … He loves food and he can eat at any time even when he is not feeling well.. 

His fever was 105.0 and reached up to 106.0, I give him Ibuprofen to help lower the fever but that didn’t work so I got very concern and today with the chest pain I was really worry.

Chest pain!!! That is not normal!! 

ER with my husband was a totally different experience compare to the one I had with Dani. We arrived at around 10 AM, he was register and vitals taken (yes, he was still with high fever) we have to wait for almost 20 min until a room was assign for him. After that was when our good experience become in one to  be forgotten… 

We were given a room and he was directed to changed into the hospital gown and we were told that the doctor will come as soon as possible …. Well!!!! That was 3 hours later…. 🤔Is this the Emergency Department ? 🤒   Maybe we were lost and enter the wrong place …3 hours !!! I had to ask for blankets and medicine before the doctor even come to our room,  my husband was not feeling good and it was like nobody care… ☹.


When the doctor finally came to the room.. He was rude and acted like he didn’t care or better enough like if we were lying about my husbands symptoms. I felt very uncomfortable with him and disrespected .. is not like we had nothing to do  and though “hey, lets go to the Hospital to give this doctor something to do” . The doctor then took my husband’s temperature again and notice his was 104.4 his face change and said “this is not good, but it may be a virus you will get fluids and lower your fever and you will be good to go.  

As soon as he finished examine my husband he walked out and share his experience with other set of doctors sitting in front of computers right in front of our room, jokingly he said “this guy, right here (pointed his finger to our room) has 104 of fever, I think is the flu, be careful cover yourself if your are going in”….The rest of doctors started to laugh …. What!!!!!! No, he didn’t !!!. what kind of doctor is this… I guess, one with no soul…..

We are very disappointed at this point… my sick men just want to go home and forget we ever came to this Hospital. 5 min later the Head Nurse came to give him fluids, pain killers , took some blood samples and give him antibiotics as well. The RN has been the nicest so far. He was courteous, friendly and I felt he really wanted to help my husband, he also explain everything he was doing and what was everything for. What a difference .. I wished he was the doctor.

To make this story short, X-rays were also taken and they come out showing white spots on his left side lung, the doctor concluded he has pneumonia. it took us almost the entire day to get this results and it was only from the X-rays that were taken almost at 2 hours earlier.. by now it was already 4 PM. and I was exhausted…  The hubby was given more fluids and antibiotics and discharge home at around 7 PM.. He was felling better but I was definitely getting ready to ask for a bed in the ER.


Do you have an ER horrible story or any other uncomfortable story? come on and share it here.. or maybe you had already share it on your blog, leave the link, I would love to read it and share it too.











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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your family. Some doctors just have no bedside manner and that is really unfortunate. They need to teach that in Med School. I’m glad they are feeling better and hope you do too. #ProductReviewParty

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