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Snow Day With The Kids


The weekend started with big news… One of the biggest snow storms was approaching the East bringing accumulations of up to 18″ of snow. jummmm..

Last year we did received the same news and the “storm” end up being a small snow shower… that day, public transportation was cancel, schools were close even public offices and business close, all getting ready to received this big storm… it all end up being a nice day off.

I was not so sure if to go out and get some home essentials but my husband convince me to go and at least get the car full with gas. We head out at around 9:30 P.M and I guess everybody else was taken the information was seriously that we were because it took us almost 30 min driving until we found a gas station that was open, everywhere else were out of gas…

gas station

Just then I started to get a little concern and decided to go to the supermarket for some grocery shopping, and there was another surprise; people fighting for parking spots outside the market place, empty shelves and long lines waiting for the registers …. It was not pleasant…. There was a feeling of anxiety and stress in the air.


We got home at around 11 P.M ready to go to bed… it was an exhausting trip.



The storm had enter our territory and is changing out landscape, all I can see is white everywhere and we can hear the strong winds howling as they pass.

first day of snowView from the kitchen

I was ready to keep the kids distracted and have a nice family time… I got myself prepared with food, some snacks for the entire day and board games to not keep the kids all day sitting in front of the TV.

Snow day games


But it is so much that you can do to keep them distracted … until they star driving you crazy and you have to let them burn some calories and get some fresh air (or some very cold air).



It was nearly midday and the snow continue to fall; hard and steady… it was actually nice to be outside and play with the kids… the snow was almost up to my knee so we throw each other down to the snow, Dani was the one that enjoy the most, we used a plastic snow sled to let Dani have so extra fun.

We enjoy the snow day. But, Jonas (now they even named the snow storms) has passed and what was left was nothing to be enjoyable…. second day



digging out the car

We enjoy the snow day. But, Jonas (now, they even named the snow storms) has passed and what was left was nothing to enjoy…. it took us almost 3 hours to dig out the car from the snow, as you can notice in the pictures, our streets were not clean right after the storm so, there was no way I can use the car to work on Monday. It is fine, Public transportation will be ok this week!!!









By the way, the snow plows did not pass all day Sunday, they passed for the first time late Monday.. even our walk to the bus stop was horrible.  This is NY!!!
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7 thoughts on “Snow Day With The Kids

  1. I live in Nashville and we even got hit with 6-10 inches of snow in our area. I can’t even imagine getting 2-3 feet like the east coast did. Glad you all survived and you had goodies on hand to keep you sane. LOL #ProductReviewParty

  2. I’m glad to hear that it is over for now and everyone made the most of it. I wish I could experience snow just once in my life. Never happens out here in the southwest though. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I like snow… but just the first day… afterwards it gets too messy and the clean up is not fun at all….

  3. Whoa!!! Y’all were hit hard! Atlanta had a light dusting, and that’s about it. I didn’t know how serious our storm would be, so I went to the store too and got a bunch of food.

    I’m glad your family was safe during the storm and able to spend some time together. #ProductReviewParty

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