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Without content, without words 


I am writing this post almost at 11 pm Wednesday night; not even sure when this post with be live and not feeling so good about my lock of posts this week, honestly since last week that my family and I when thru all that crazy time in the Hospital and the sickness around the house have left me without words and energy to continue. 

I, sincerely have tried to sit down and write some review posts that have being waiting for me to finish them, but is like I can’t even put a sentence together and feeling lost of ideas. 


Have you ever felt this way? 

It is not pleasant at all … I come home from work extra tired and just ready to go to bed, I feel sorry for my family, I just don’t have energy to play with my little one  or help my big kid with his homework … My poor husband, thank goodness  is already feeling much better, but I don’t even have energy for him. 

I feel that I am losing the purpose of the blog…  This suppose to be a journal of my life at home and I have lost my way or not?. At this point, I am just taking my time and waiting until the words come back to me little by little, baby steps, I guess I will be spending more time with my 2 year old, so she can teach how to do it.. lol










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4 thoughts on “Without content, without words 

  1. Take some time for yourself. When you’re not feeling inspired to write, walk away from your blog and do things that you enjoy, like being with your family, reading a book, watch the sunset, etc. Just watch, your mind will be relaxed and filled with new ideas for your blog! #ProductReviewParty

  2. it’s great that you still find the time and speak from your heart! That’s what matters! Keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment… I am truly putting my best effort to find my worlds again… 🙂

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