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5 Money Saving Apps I Use The Most

5 money saving apps i use the most

I recently download on my phone a couple of Apps that offer rewards by answering very short surveys of local places you have visited.. It sounds pretty easy, right!!! Anyway, sometimes I do it for nothing so, why not giving them a try..


The first App I used is Panel App

It is super easy, I can earn points towards gift cards or cash by just walking around with my phone. I receive an alert when a survey opportunity is up and just answer it and earn the point… For 1500 points and up you can start redeeming for Amazon gift cards or cash that goes directly to your PayPal account.

I have redeemed twice already and it is easy and fun… You also have the chance to enter to their sweepstakes. Panel App offer gift cards and monetary gifts as well

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The second App is Receipt Hog

Do you shop a lot and end up with a pile of receipts in your bag? …. Yes, that was me… I always have my receipts in the bag and I have to add my husband’s receipts as well, I believe He thinks my bag is the garbage can… But, that was until I started to use the app that collects all your receipts towards points that you can later redeem for cash or monthly sweepstakes entries.

Just take a picture of your receipts and submit them for tickets or coins or both.. Even your gas and restaurant receipts are acceptable… cool right!!?

For this app I have redeem twice as well and the money goes straight to my PayPal account within a day or two.

The Third App is SurveyMini

This app is just like the name says a short survey app that gives you points towards gift cards, unlike the previous apps mention here this one give you points to be redeemed for gift cards only or you can earn rewards like free food, discount coupons for restaurants, movie theaters or chain stores (like Michael’s, Wal-Mart, JcPenney. Etc)…

I like that the surveys are short (no more than 11 question) and from places I had previously visit but I don’t like that to get my redeemed prize it takes me from 3 to 4 weeks to get it.


The forth App is InboxDollars

I know this is a well-known online rewards program and I used it for a long time from my laptop until they created their app… Genius!!!

Here, you can get pay by confirming their PaidEmails, you can browse for surveys, watch videos, accepting offers or just search the web and earn cash… You must earn $30 to request a payment.

The only aspect that I don’t like about InboxDollars is that you will be charge a “payment fee” when you request for payment. It will tell you that if you reach $40 dollars the fee will be dismissed and when you reach $40 they will say that a fee will be applied unless you reach $50 dollars….

I got to $45 dollars and requested my check, yes; I was charge a “payment fee” of $3.00 dollars; I need it to know how long it would be until I received the check, I couldn’t wait until I reached the $50. I received my check within 2 weeks.

You can use my referral code above to help a friend out.

And last but not least…

My fifth most used app is Ibotta

Weekly grocery shopping?; maybe, dining out at your favorite restaurant or buying your beauty supplies from your preferred store?

Make Ibotta your friend, the rebate offers are from well-known brands and for store we all visit, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, Sephora, among others. I do my grocery shopping at Stop and Shop and I always find rebates on the brands I normally use like Pampers, Minute Maid juice boxes, and I can also find rebates on vegetables, eggs, bread, and milk.

You only need to collect $20 dollars until you can ask to cash out and the money goes to your PayPal account or you can collect $25 dollars or more to request for gift cards.


Do you have an app that rewards you for their use? Let me know what it is in the comments…







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  1. These sound like great apps to use! And who doesn’t want a little more cash? This is an excellent idea! I will be checking out some of these today. Thanks so much for linking up with me at #manicmonday

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