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Our First Time Baking Cookies

Reynolds cookies sheets

My boy loves to cook, he plans to be a chef in the future…

I like to cook but; I am not a very good one and now that I am back at work I have much more less time to cook anything at all,   I do all that I can to cook everyday and have my boy join me so he can get something out it. But there is one thing that he has always wanted to do and I have not been able to help him out with; Leo wants to bake. 

I don’t know anything about baking, I have never baked before, and I am not good in following recipes. I know everyone says that baking is easy, but….

I have to give this baking thing a try and learn along with my kid. This week we head over to the super market and got all we need it to start this project.

Reynolds cookies sheets 2

Thanks to Crowdtap I received the new Reynolds Cookie Baking sheets so this was a big help for me that I am a newbie, this means less clean up more fun. This task started mixing dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately and then mixing them together… I thought we can do everything at ones in one bowl and finish with it… lol


Reynolds cookies sheets 3

Leo was the one having more fun; mixing and measuring, Of course, my little one also help!!! She almost ate the entire chocolate chip bag…. 🙂

Ones everything was mixed and ready to bake I was eager to see the results, Leo was proud of all his work and by this time Daniela was hyper for all the chocolate she had consume….

After 15 min. our first baked cookies ever were done and we were ready to the taste challenge … Taking them out from the oven and getting this sweet smell is just… relaxing!! lol soooo good.

With the Reynolds Cookie Baking sheets was so easy to transfer to cookies from the hot tray to the plate, since the sheets prevented our cookies to stick to the tray and they baked evenly. We also used the new bake sheets from Reynolds to store our extra dough for a later time … they are great.

Reynolds cookies sheets 4


We did have a great time baking together. I personally learn from this first experience and I can’t wait to do it again. At this point I am not even sure  why I did do this before.. my kids enjoy helping and loved to see them having a fun time with me.








Do you guys have an easy recipe that I can try with my kids?… Remember that I am new at this baking staff!!!

Share it with me in the comments or share your link if you have it posted in your blog…



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14 thoughts on “Our First Time Baking Cookies

  1. I am not much of a cook. I just don’t like it but I love to bake. I only bake around the holidays though because I try to keep as much healthy foods in the house as possible but around the holidays, I bake like a mad woman, lol! Congrats on baking with your little one for the first time and thank you so much for linking up with #manicmonday

  2. I have never been much into baking. I prefer to cook and that’s it. My son loves to help me in the kitchen as well and then his little sisters usually like to get in there too. Can make it a little crazy sometimes. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink.

  3. My big kid (Mr AD ) loves it when I bake cookies. I use ordenary backing paper to cook the cookies on, I think these sheets look fab.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries

  4. My kids are becoming more and more involved in meal preparation. My 7 year old daughter just got an Easy Bake Oven and makes all kinds of things. It’s fun to cook with them!

  5. We love baking, but haven’t done any since I started my new eating plan to combat my MS. But this week my friend showed me how to make sugar, gluten, sweetener and dairy free brownies, so we’ll be baking a lot more again. #magicmoments

  6. I enjoy the odd baking but get so upset when it doesn’t work out. Like you, I take short cuts. Two bowls? One for dry, one for wet! That’s extra washing up! It would be good if recipes told you why we had to do things like this. What difference does it make to the outcome? #HappyDiaries

    1. Definitely no difference to the product.. I guess the chefs don’t do their own dishes… us moms do mostly everything at home and personally I go for just the necessary… I am not looking for extra work.. lol
      Thanks for the comment.

    1. My big one is 13 already and has always liked to cook… He helps me in the kitchen but baking was something he always wanted to do … It was me that one that stop it everything.

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