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30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 19


Reaching this post for the first time.. check out my 30 Days Blogging Challenge post and start this challenge with me, you can also find there the topic for each day post… let’s do this!!!!

DAY 19

Discuss your views on religion


I am Catholic and so are all in my family …

I grew up in a house of deep catholic faith, where prayers were a must and going to church Saturday night and Sunday morning couldn’t be miss.

Personally, I always put God in front and I can start dealing with my day, Sunday mass we try not to miss it, but sometimes lives happens .. I teach my kids what I know and that is what I am hoping they can get and continue growing their faith in God.

Views are all different but, I believe that there is only one God (call it, the name you believe in) that wants to see us unite and happy as the big family we are.




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