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Looking Inside The Avon Gift Bag 

Gift Bag 1Last week I was invited to this awesome rally from Avon here in New York. You can read more about it here.


At the check in area we were presented with a gift bag, I was really curious to see what was inside but, I had to hold my  curiosity to share it all with you guys.

This was what I received inside….

Gift Bag 2Picture #1 (Top left) Magazines for future campaign #9, Avon is at campaign #8 right now where still are great product and incredible prices, also the magazines Living and Mark, you can check them out, in the magazine Living you will find awesome products for your house and help you give it a spring look.

Picture #2 (Top right) that will be that future campaign magazine from Living is all about summer, the new coming up products for your backyard, games for the kids to use outdoors, beautiful decorating ideas for your house.

Picture #3 (bottom left) Avon representative especial order brochures.

Picture #4 (bottom right) one is the selling Guide to Success which gives representatives creative ideas to keep up with the business and the 2016 Rewards and Recognition Program  is the guide to grow with Avon as a Representative and high you can get working hard and wishing big.

Gift Bag 3


*Samples of Avon newest fragrance Little Black Dress.  Available Online right now – Pre-sale – get it before the new campaign start.  



Gift Bag 5

*This Precious Charms Bracelet was also inside. Its cost is $14.99 but is now on sale for only $5.99


• Silverton bangle bracelet with meaningful charms
• The inspiration charm for the Cross says “I have Faith”, the Shell says “I’m enough”, and the Angel Wing says “I will Rise”
• Hook and latch closure
• Bracelet: 2 1/2″ diam
• Also offered in goldstone

Gift Bag 4


and last but not least this nice pin from Avon Infinite and notebook from INFINITE,  perfect to keep my ideas together for the blog.


Thank you to Avon and all the New York district leaders for this great event.






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