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30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 23


Reaching this post for the first time.. check out my 30 Days Blogging Challenge post and start this challenge with me, you can also find there the topic for each day post… let’s do this!!!!

DAY 23


Write a letter to your teenage self.

Dear Iveth,

I am glad to be here today typing these words to you; I think this letter has been long overdue.

I need to give you some head up, because a lot of changes are coming your way, please take it easy and try to think that all your parents are trying to do is always looking for a better life you.

Ones I heard, that changes are good but, no one tell you how hard they can be.

My dear Iveth, you will be moving far, very far away from your birth place. Leaving part of your family and your friend behind will definitely break your heart apart. You will feel loss and very unhappy, living in a new country, with a language you don’t speak, to know new people who will not understand what you are going through, will definitely make think harder. But, don’t worry, time will pass and your heart will heal.

About school, you know your passion is theater and acting? and that you graduated from high school with specialty in dramatic art well, you will continue to love it and you will go to college but the only difference is that your will graduated from Paralegal … wow!! a total opposite yes, but this will help you in your life and something you will love deeply.

About your love life….. Girl, you are going to find the person that will fill your life with love, happiness and lots of laughter. He is going to understand you; and most importantly he has the patience of a saint. You are going to marry him really, really fast and the first baby will come 3 months after that. It’s a Boy!!!!! (Sorry, I have to spoil the surprise)

As your love will grow so is the need for one more baby that will be the hardest time in your marriage through 6 year you guys are going to cry together, fight like if you guys are the worst enemies but your profound love will always be there.


Please don’t forget to pray, God is the one that will help to make this dream come true and help you keep your family together. All the doctors you are going to visit will try to make you lose your dream and make you think that you are not the right person to be a mother. But, hang in there, pray to God and He will listen. The time of God is perfect and your second baby will come to rock your world. It’s a Girl!! (Sorry, again…)

Your parents will continue to be by your side and help you as much as they can, continue to be grateful with them.

Your future life is full of ups and downs but your family will always be your center. God will always guide you.





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