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5 Must-Have On A Baby Shower List

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5 Must-Have On A Baby Shower List


I am so happy that one of my friends is expecting for the first time and I am more that excited of putting together her baby shower essentials.

As an experienced mom I am sharing with her and you my five must-haves on a baby shower list.

5 Must-Have On A Baby Shower List

First: Playtex VentAire I started using these bottles with my second child and I sincerely LOVE THEM!!!. Well, I think Dani loves them more.

Playtex and Diaper Genie 7

With the anti-colic vent it helps prevent Gas, Spit-ups and fussiness besides the angle bottle design makes the bottle so easy for the baby to take.

Playtex and Diaper Genie 8

Definitely get some extra bottles… Honestly, for some crazy reason I tend to forget my baby’s bottles in my mom’s house most of the time.

Playtex and Diaper Genie 6



Second: A nice light weight stroller with enough storage space underneath (need to fit the diaper bag and something extra), needs to be also easy to fold and easy to store (apartments in the city don’t have enough space to store a big stroller 🙁 . There are so many brands to choose from, so to make it easier you can visit Target to give them a try. Target is the place to go for all baby essentials and the best place for baby registries.    


Third: A Playtex Diaper Genie Complete in your nursery is a must!!! or even if you are going to sleep in the same room with your baby a Diaper Genie has to be a must. It will keep your room clean and smelling fresh, the disposal is easier than throwing stinky diaper in individual plastic bags. Don’t forget to get extra refills… Babies tend to poop a lot!!…


Playtex and Diaper Genie 5


Fourth: A pack and play set, I love this because most of them now come with a changing station and a newborn napper. This is perfect if you are a road trip parent, like us. Whenever we hit the road I just close my pack & play and take it with me everywhere we go to pass the night at. I know my baby is going to sleep well and in her own crib.

Yes, add this to your list!!!  


Fifth: Diapers, lots of diapers!!!. You can never have too many diapers!! This is something that you will be using a lot. And believe me, when someone asks me: What is something that Daniela needs the most? I still say DIAPERS. This is a gift that every mom will appreciate.


Playtex and Diaper Genie 2

In the meantime we are getting ready for the baby shower and I definitely know what to get for this little bundle of joy. 🙂


What is you favorite Must-have on you Baby Shower list?







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11 thoughts on “5 Must-Have On A Baby Shower List

  1. Great list! I often wonder how many diapers my diaper genie went through since I had 3 in diapers all at once. It would take us one whole cart at Costco just for the diapers and wipes. Can’t say I miss those days other than the smell of newborn babies. I do miss that. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

  2. I am all about the diaper genie! We actually went back to the baby store and bought a second one for downstairs. We have it in our living room with a pack and play and change station and no smell at all! Good list!

  3. Great list! Diapers (or nappies here in the UK) are so important! I was so lucky that my mum stock piled enough nappies to last us the first year so that was one less thing to worry about! And a lightweight stroller is a definite must have too! We’ve gone through a number over the years! #momsterslink

  4. These are amazing! I wish I had known about the bottle with the anti-colic vent when my littles were little. Also the stroller…so important! I remember just giving up one time and buying a ridiculous light weight stroller while we were out just so I could lug the giant one back out to the car. I couldn’t take it anymore! Good tips!

  5. Great list. I wish all this stuff had been available when my son was a baby. You ladies really have great options today. Good to know the next time I have a baby shower to attend.

  6. Great list – we have a wish list going on wishpot for our baba and I’m definitely adding those bottles to it assuming they sell them over here. #AnythingGoes

  7. That is a great list of must haves. I used those bottles with my kid as well. I completely agree with everything you have listed there. If I would add one thing it would be a backpack! I used a diaper bag for a while, but then I discovered that a backpack holds just as much stuff and is way easier to carry. Just my 2 cents! #ProductReviewParty

  8. You got the right stuff needed on your must have baby shower list. Your friend is going to love all of these products for her new baby. Congratulations to her. #ProductReviewParty

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