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How Do I Keep My Kids Entertained

When Their age Is So Far Apart….. :/ !!!



Having kids at a so different age range it is very hard to keep everybody entertained and most importantly happy.

You guys need to know that I have a teenage boy (he is 13 years old) and he is now at the stage that all he wants is to stay at home away from us, playing video games or with his cell phone watching Netflix and I also have a 2-year-old girl who thinks of is playing all the time.

To find what to do for the entire family is a little challenging but I always manage to come out with something for all of us.


Here are my 4 main activities for the kids

          1. Have a walk a long the shore.

How Do I Keep My Kids Entertain

How Do I Keep My Kids Entertain 2Both my kids love the water and even though summer is not here yet, we love to go and have long walk and let the kids play and bound even more.


          2. Visit the Zoo.

Bronx Zoo 2

Visiting the Bronx Zoo at any day of the year is a great experience, both my kids love animals so entering the kids Zoo to help pet the goat and sheep for the toddler and then going to visit Congo, Gorilla Forest for the teenager

Bronx Zoo 3

Bronx Zoo 4

at the end of the day having a funnel cake together is the cherry on top.

Bronx Zoo 1


          3. LEGOLAND Discovery Center / Westchester, NY

Lego 1


My kids love to use their imagination and build and create things… Goodness,  I have Lego pieces all over the house.!!!

Legoland Discovery Center is a great place for kids all ages. Dani gets really excited every time we go there…. Leo not so much but, once we are inside he gets in the mood.

Lego 3

Lego 6

There is a zone for older kids called Lego built and Test where they can build race cars and have them test out in the tracks.

Like I have 3 kids when we get to LEGOLAND (because my husband becomes a kid, ones we are there… lol) Leo and the hubby go their way to play… and I love it, it is a great time for them to enjoy together.  


Lego 7

Meanwhile, Dani is at Lego Dupplo Village playing the giant Lego parts…

Lego 5

Lego 8

We reunited again at the 4D Movie Theater where we watched a Lego short film that the entire family enjoyed.


        4. Road Trips

We love to travel!!! But, having a short budget not always help in our plans for a longer trip.  So road trips are always a good option.  Driving to one of our neighbor States to spend the night and just drive around to get to know places for me makes to an awesome day.   

CT trip 1

CT trip 6

My main thing is to spend time as a family and have fun and not so much thinking in what we have to do or how many bills we have to pay.


If you guys have more ideas you can help me with I will gladly take them into consideration. Please leave your ideas in the comment section.









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8 thoughts on “How Do I Keep My Kids Entertained

  1. My boys are five years apart, my oldest also being teenager, so finding things for both of them to do with me can be challenging. I love taking them on hikes though and when it gets warmer (which I hope it does soon), I love taking them to the various rivers and beaches in my area to go swimming. The zoo is also a great place! Thanks so much for hosting #alittlebitofeverything

  2. I’d do anything to live close by the ocean! Sounds like you guys know how to have fun! My kids would kill for a Lego Land! haha. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely post! Your idea to take a long walk along the sure is perfect! We take our boys down to the local beach often, and it’s so good for them to just walk and explore and let their energy loose. Road trips are more work, but so good for the while family too.

  4. Awesome family activities! We try to do everything cheap or free, so the library, park and festivals are a big hit in our family.

  5. Some of these are my “go-to” activities when our little gets restless. We go to the zoo more times than I would like to admit, but it is fun and we all enjoy it every time. Unfortunately, we currently reside in a super tiny town with no activity centers for kids. The closest one is over an hour away and its about a joke. But we always take advantage of a road trip with awesome places to stop at. :] Thanks for sharing!

  6. My kids are all so close together that I never really thought about how difficult it might be to entertain them at such different ages. I love what you do though! And I really want to go to the Lego place! The closest discovery center to us is about four hours away, so one of these days it’s going to make for a great vacation. 🙂

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