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Happy First Birthday…

Happy First Birthday...

I am happy to celebrate my first year on this wonderful adventure.

Everything started exactly in April 16,2015 when after long nights of crazy thoughts and lots of talking with my partner we decided that it was best for our kids to leave my job and stay at home with the them. Believe me… after a 10 year carrier it was not easy to say .. Goodbye!!

I found that staying at home with my kids was a totally new adventure and I had nobody to share it with that was when after a couple of weeks researching and reading about blogging and reading some great blogs too!!, so, by May 12,2015 I decided to take the time to share my experiences at home as a new SAHM and write about products we are using.


This year of blogging has been like a roller coaster, it came from blogging every single day, to finding a part-time job close to home, to having some days that I just had no words to write, to think that blogging was a bad move, to being happy just because I had so much to write and ideas to put down.

It has been a pretty exciting year overall, I had the chance to meet great people, I have being invited to awesome events, great brands have giving me the change to try their products and write about them, some of these brands even think that my blog is worth paying me to write about them…. What!!!!

Thanks you to all that have subscribed to my world, I try to improve every single day to always give you the best of me, even thought I am not blogging as much as I did at the beginning (because of work), Thank you for keeping this blog live with your comments, sharing and following on my social media, thank you to the brands and bloggers that have inspired me and help me to not give up, thank you to my family for always following me on my crazy ideas. ALL MY LOVE TO YOU!!!!


Happy First Birthday...



Where has your blogger adventure taken you?









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  1. Wow can’t believe this coming may makes 3 years i was thinking you did this a lot longer because it’s just so outstanding I can tell this is a true passion for you . Keep doing what you love and thanks for sharing all your great stories

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