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New York Baby Show Favorites – #MomTrendsLounge

New York Show 6

New York Baby Show opened this weekend for only 2 days for all mommies and daddies to come and learn, buy and also wish we had baby new gadgets.

Like most of you guys know, I have 2 kids one is 13 years old and my second is 2 years old and I can definitely recognize that time has totally changed from 13 years ago that my boy was born until date. They are so many new gadgets, incredible awesome ideas to help care for our babies and more importantly to help us, mommies. Today, at the New York Baby Show I found products that I wish I had 13 years ago.


Welcome to my wish list…..

New York Baby Show Favorites - #MomTrendsLounge

1. Gerber BabyNes:

This is one of the smartest product I have found out there… I think it can even teach you how to prepare the perfect bottle for your baby…

New York Baby Show Favorites

Gerber BabyNes machine comes with:

– Adjustable bottle height,

– Adjustable water temperature, no more too hot or too cold bottles,

– Automatic capsule recognition, every capsule comes with a printed barcode ones the machine reads  the capsule it will adjust the amount of water to be used for that specific bottle.

– Build in Wi-Fi this help you keep track of your baby nutrition, receive feeding alerts and order formula capsules online.

BabyNes formula capsule comes with all the nutritional ingredients our babies will need from birth to three years old because every stage of our babies has different needs the formula will grow with them.

If you are a mommy or daddy always on the go don’t worry you still can use the capsules for a perfect measure bottle. Every Gerber BabyNes comes with a capsule opener.

New York Baby Show Favorites - #MomTrendsLounge



2. Zo-li Straw Sippy-Cup

This is not just a regular sippy-cup this one comes with a super flexible straw that allows your baby to move freely and always have a sip of their favorite drink because we know our kids never stop.

New York Baby Show Favorites

New York Baby Show Favorites - #MomTrendsLounge


3. All products from La Millou

New York Baby Show Favorites - #MomTrendsLounge

There unique designs, color patterns and the high-quality of their products made this brand to stand out for me.

Kids loves fun, colorful designs and La Millou really deliver, from blankets to pillows to stroller accessories and event travel bags, they got you cover….



Overall, this was a great experience were I learn that raising a baby is not only long sleepless nights anymore but there are so many gear now that help us have a comfortable, happy baby and happy more relax moms.



Did you have the change to visit the New York Baby Show? Share your thoughts







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