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Life With A Teenager


Life With A Teenager

This has been at post that I have giving a lot of thought before writing it. I don’t need to be judged when I am sharing my thoughts and feelings.

My oldest kid is a teenager now and our life has not being the same at home. I had to ask my own parents how to act in situations that have arisen these couple of days.

I still remember when he was just a baby and honestly, I am having a really hard time in letting go of this baby. My son has grown to be a smart, respectful boy. But, now he has changed; he talks differently well obviously, his voice has change and is deeper now; The way he dress is has also gone thru a change with him, Goodness!! He is wearing hoodies in this 80 degree weather here in NY. I don’t understand that, but I am not saying anything is his choice and he is the one that will get hot and sweaty.

Also mom and dad aren’t cool anymore, video games are better that a night out and his cell phone is his life.   

Lego 6

Since he is doing excellent in school daddy wanted to get him something, my son asked for a skateboard, (this is when I close my eyes and said “Hoooo, My lord!!!) I wanted to scream NO WAY!!! But, again I have to let him find his passion for something. Right?

So far I have being ok, with all the changes that has come upon him. However, I still not ready for him to go out with his friends; For instants,  last weekend he asked us if he can go out with his friend to skateboard in the park. First, we don’t have a park close by and second I know kids will go wild if there is not an adult checking on them,  so my first impulse was to say, “NO, the park is too far”, and that was it.

My husband tried to convince me to let him go but, after all noticeable danger on the streets, I am afraid. I am not ready for him to leave the house by himself or even less if is with friends. I know that he has grown but not grown enough to take care of himself.  I still keep him by my side and he has to go where we go, like it or not!!.


I am being over protective? Is 13 years old a good time to start letting go out with friends?

My answers to these questions are, one: Yes, I have to be protective, I think! and  two: 13 years old is too young for a kid to be in the street. I know these answers maybe wrong but that is how I am feeling inside.


Are you going through something similar?. How are you handling the changes that your teenager is having?







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