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Sesame Place.. Dani’s search for Cookie Monster

Sesame Place.... Dani's search for Cookie Monster


Last weekend we had a small road trip to Sesame Place in PA. It was the first time for all of us visiting this theme park.

I have to start saying that this trip was not something that we plan, we didn’t even know how far was this Park from NY or what we where going to do in there; all we know was that we were ready to have a fun day.

We have family and friends that have gone there and always comment on how fun their day was and how happy their kids were; so why not take the kids to have a fun, happy day.



The day started really early, I love to drive early morning when the traffic is not much and the streets are free to drive without any worries of  some crazy one behind the wheel.



Daniela loves Cookie Monster and  so we thought it was a good idea to take her to the Monster’s house. Leonardo was not happy for the trip he rather be home chatting with his friends or playing PSP :(. ( that is story for another post) instead Daniela was easy to distract, I just buckled her in the sit put her movie up and she is a happy baby.

The trip was almost 1 hour and 30 minutes and I had the time to buy the tickets and do some research about the place.

We got there even before the gates where open so it was a good time to find parking close to the entrance, that was nice!!.

My first thought was: “This parking lot looks just like the one Disney has, the lots has their character’s name” I feel like we where on vacation, far away from home.


Dani's search for Cookie Monster


At this point Dani was not easy to contain, she was as excited as she has ever being, she wanted to see Cookie Monster right away. For the contrary Leo was not into this trip at all, looking mad and not willing to give the place a chance.

Ones the gates where open it was Daniela’s mission to find Cookie Monster… she asked everyone for Cookie Monster… seriously EVERYONE!!!

sesame 6


sesame 7







She was not willing to give-up or go back home without saying Hi, to her favorite character.

She knock on every door she could find…..

sesame 5

Sesame Place.. Dani's search for Cookie Monster


She even pick on windows to see if she can find him..

sesame 4


I did convince her to take some time to go in the rides and have a good time while looking for Cookie Monster.

sesame 1


sesame 2

I sincerely thought she was going to be scare, I was waiting for her to cry and scream to get her down from there but, instead she was laughing asking for more.. I was very surprise!!!!

After a long day of walking, riding, playing, the moment of truth …. It was Cookie Monster!!!!

sesame 8

Goodness!!! She did not what to do!!! If hug him, kiss him, she just stood there smiling… she has had it… Cookie Monster was touching her!!!… That was all she wanted.

We did have a nice time; Dani did enjoy herself a lot, my teenage boy not so much or better said not at all. I will definitely come back.

I also have to mention that Sesame Place also has a water park so you can enjoy the water and later in the day go and enjoy the rides. As for us, we just enjoy the rides area; we are not so much of water park lovers.


Do you enjoy Theme Parks? What is your favorite Park or the one that you visit more often?









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6 thoughts on “Sesame Place.. Dani’s search for Cookie Monster

  1. How fun and cute! I never knew that Sesame Street had a theme park. My girls and I love going to theme parks. #ProductReviewParty

  2. OMG! I want to go there! I don’t even care if my son would love it or not (he probably would). But that looks like a really cute theme park. #ProductReviewParty

  3. That looks like so much fun! My 2 year old loves Sesame Street. I wonder how far from Ohio it is. Looks like your little one had a blast!

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