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The Cellphone Struggle Is Real!!

The Cellphone Struggle Is Real!!


How many times have you forgotten your phone inside the diaper bag and missed a very important call? SOOOOO MANY!!!; How many times do you remember struggling to talk on your phone while pushing the stroller and holding your cell phone with your shoulder against your ear? ALWAYS…. 

I don’t know about you but, my cell phone always slides down when I hold it with the shoulder ..lol and don’t let me mention the neck, this pose will break your neck, seriously!!! STOP THE  CELLPHONE STRUGGLE….





I am thankful that today I have left all those missed calls in the past and there is no way I will be forgetting my phone inside my bag while I am out and about with Dani.The Cellphone Struggle



I am using this great stroller MountCase that it is available for most smartphones. I love its light weight, it is very simple to install in your stroller and keep your phone secure and protected even in the rain, most importantly you will have your phone at your reach and there is not need to left your kid unattended while you’re looking inside your bag.




Bike2Power 13


Installation is very easy place your adjustable strap in the strollers handle, the protective case will  be place with a twist and voilà!!  Your MountCase is in place, it also includes a protective rubberized case it is the RainGuard cover to protect your phone from water or dust.


The Cellphone Struggle


One more thing I am happy about this MountCase is that I can use my phone even with the RainGuard on.


The Cellphone Struggle


This baby stroller phone mount kit  is available for the following phone models:

(1) iPhone 6/6S Stroller Mount
(2) iPhone 6/6S Plus Stroller Mount
(3) iPhone 5/5S Stroller Mount
(4) Galaxy S6 Stroller Mount
(5) Galaxy S6 Edge Stroller Mount
(6) Galaxy S5 Stroller Mount
(7) Universal Stroller Mount (compatible with any smartphone or case)


If you are struggling to keep your phone handy, I think is time to visit Bike2Power and get your Mountcase Baby Stroller Kit, just remember how many calls have you missed because you don’t hear you phone ringing inside you bag…


This post was sponsored by Bike2Power.  I did not receive compensation, I was given free product in exchange for my honest opinion and product review. Post contains Affiliate Links






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9 thoughts on “The Cellphone Struggle Is Real!!

  1. That’s a very nifty idea! Wish they had that when my kids were in strollers. I was always losing my phone but now that they’re older I don’t have to worry too much. Now I lose it in my purse, LOL! #alittlebitofeverything

  2. What a great idea. Wish this was around when Agent M was little as i was forever losing my phone in the nappy bag.

    Thanks for hosting #ALittleBitOfEverything x

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