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5 Different Type Of Costumers You Find In A Fast Food Restaurant

5 Different Type Of Costumers You Find In A Fast Food Restaurant

For almost a year I have worked in a fast food restaurant. I have been able to deal with several different types of costumer. Yes, everyone is different and not always we wake up with the right feet.

I love to interact with my costumers and try to make them feel welcome every time they come in; but sometimes it is not easy to make everyone happy.

I am going to mention only 5 types of costumers that I had the pleasure to help.



  1. The Line Holder

This costumer makes the line and when is in front of the counter is when he/she starts looking at the menu and ask “What should I get?” Holding back the line and making other costumer anxious.


  1. The Rusher

This is costumer that wants to order and get their food in one minute to be in and out fast. Like, he is the only costumer in the store. Yes, this is a fast food restaurant however, we are not robots.


  1. The Forgetful

The costumer here places his order and after paying he/she remembers to order something else, coming to the  front and cutting the line to  place their second order. I also call this one the rude costumer.

Another forgetful costumer is the one that comes to the counter, place his order and says ” I have a coupon, but I forgot it at home. Can you grant it? Of course, I will grant it a soon as I see the coupon, but not now, Sorry!!.


  1. The Cheapskate

These are the costumers that think that because he/she placed an order they will be entitle to a free product.

Ex.: “I placed an order for more than (blah amount); I should get a free order of cookies or a free drink”.  Sure, you will get a free item, but no today…


  1. The Confused

For some reason, this is a very common costumer in the place I work at. Mind you, there isn’t any other fast food restaurant by us.

This costumer will confuse one menus with other restaurant menu.

Ex: * Let me have the Salad with the Strawberries and Blackberries. Sorry, that is from the restaurant with the W, not here.

* Can I have 2 Classic Hot dog, please…. I would give it to you if only we sell them here, but unfortunately those are from the King restaurant.


Working with people may not be easy; but you can brighten any person’s day with just the power of a smile.


Did you see yourself in any of this categories? Let me know which one…. lets comment!!!









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5 thoughts on “5 Different Type Of Costumers You Find In A Fast Food Restaurant

  1. You are a great person and a strong woman to deal with all the customers, one thing I can say since we are friends and I saw you working is that you do a great job and always have a smile on your face no matter how busy and crazy the customers can be .

  2. Wow, couldn’t imagine dealing with any of those kind of people. Think I’d probably be fired if I worked at a fast food establishment as I have no patience for rude people. When I worked in the medical field and patients would come and complain to me in a rude manner that they “were a walk in” and had been waiting for more than 10 minutes I’d move their charts to the back because I felt that we were doing them a service working them in without an appt and they shouldn’t complain. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink always nice to have you!

  3. Ah customer service! I use to work as a lifeguard, so I’ve done both front desk work and had to be pleasant to everyone while trapped in a bathing suit in a guard chair 🙂

    I’ve never worked in fast food – way to have patience! I think I’m usually the rushed patron. I know what I want, but I try to patient while waiting…

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