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Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY

Crayola 4

There were lot of plans for this weekend. Appointments, road trip & theme parks. Hope we can get to do everything.

Before hitting the road this weekend there was something really important we had to do first.


It was time to take Leo to the ophthalmologist. I have taken Leo to this same place for a long time now. VisionWorks keeps track of every visit, they have a wide selection of frames including very important brands and if you need any repair to the done they help you too.

Fun Places To Visit - Short Road Trip From NY

Leonardo’s vision is not as great as I would love this to be so I may sure to take him every year for his check up. But, with Daniela now on the run it is very hard to be on top of everything.

Does this sound familiar to you?

To keep her under my radar I let her try on a couple of glasses. She loves sunglasses so she was really happy..

Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY

Long Weekend Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY


Visionworks 3


On our way home me son asked me to buy him Mac N’ Cheetos from Burgen King. Honestly, I never heard of this before. NEW Mac N’ Cheetos from Burger King. What is this craziness!!!


MacN'Cheetos 1

I had mixed feeling about them. If you love cheese these Cheetos are for you. For me, they were to cheesy (I know, is Mac & Cheese + Cheetos.. it suppose to be cheesy) but, it was too much for me.

Besides, I missed the crunch from the Cheetos and if you don’t eat them hot they get very greasy. The Mac N’ Cheetos comes 5 pieces in the box. I was only able to eat one out of them.

I don’t think I will get another box any time soon. Sorry, Burger King.



Road trip day started early morning and out first stop was the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA

Long Weekend Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY

Crayola 3


Crayola 2


Fun Places To Visit - Short Road Trip From NY

The Crayola Experience is three floors of fun for the kiddos and one floor for the big kids. There is so much for the entire family to do.

Kids can color (obviously!!!),we all had the chance to learn how the Crayola is create from scratch, there is a play area for the babies and one play area for the bigger kids, you can also personalize your own crayon and so much more.  There is seriously lots to do.


Crayola 5


Daniela is coloring this blue elephant and when she finished her creation showed in the interactive wall. Really cool, she was excited to see what she had done.

Crayola 6

What is better than to have a crayon with your name in it. Here you can also personalize you own crayon.


Long Weekend Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY


I can’t forget about the Crayola Store. You can find everything that kids love like toys, colors, clothes, candy, ect. You will go crazy here and they (your kid/s) will take advantage of that. lol


Adventures & Short Road Trip From NY



Our trip back home was upon us but not before one more stop; Leonia, NJ is next.


Our last stop was Field Station: Dinosaurs.

We were all  looking forward for this stop. Daniela was going to see the dinosaurs for the first time and she was very excited. I was a little worry that she was going to get scare because these dinos. are real size replicas.

Field Station: Dinosaurs is located in Leonia, NJ inside the Overpeck Park. Getting there was ok, but I really wished there were more signalization to where the field is located.

The Overpeck Park is big and since this is a new location for this Field Station the GPS won’t show you the exact location. Our GPS took us to the park and it was up to us to find the Dinosaurs. Along some of the roads we passed were little white signs with the dinosaur logo but, they were so small that it was easy to miss them.




Once inside Dani received a “passport” for her to collect stamps  from all around the park. We just did one tent (she got one stamp only). Here she color her own dinosaur.

Crayola 9


Overall, Daniela had a good time walking around and playing. We were done in about 45 minutes (maybe less).  This was the down side for me… I thought it was going to be bigger :(.


Our weekend was full of adventures and finding new places.

Tell me about you weekend… leave a comment.







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  1. What a wonderful (and busy) weekend you had. I am not a Burger King fan but I have seen a lot of people talking about those. I haven’t tried them but I think I would react like you did.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend was had by all. 🙂
    When my kids were little, I used distractions to help them keep quiet too. For me, it was little doughnuts, called Timbits.

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