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Back To School Already? Btw Uniform, Supplies & Graduation My Wallet Is Crying


Back To School Already? Btw Uniform, Supplies & Graduation My Wallet Is CryingHey guys!!!

For me is that time of the year when I start getting things ready for a new school year… But this year is particularly different.

My son, a teenager heading to 8th grade now (where the time has gone!!) will be getting ready for high school it means that this year is going to be an expensive one!!! He will need money for Graduation and parties amount other stuffs that were mention in the list I received at the end of last school year.

Saving on school supplies is one of the goals now, because if I have money for one thing I may not have for the other.

Let’s start with what he needs right away


1 Uniform:

 My son is a teenager so, find clothes in regular basis if a bit annoying (sorry, son). Sometimes He is too big for kid’s clothes and sometimes too small for adult sizes, so we have to take serious time while searching for uniforms this year.


2. Backpack

Yes, backpack because last years backpack when through hell and back.. lol

I really don’t understating what is that they have to carry in those backs that make them so heavy, my Goodness!!! Any way, His current backpack can’t last one more year… I tell you, backpacks are not cheap and more when you have to find a heavy-duty so it can last the entire year.


3. School Essentials

Back To School Already? Btw Uniform, Supplies & Graduation My Wallet Is Crying


These are our every year essentials: Notebooks, ruler, calculator, pens and most importantly pencils. Right? this is like the “normal” for every parent to search for every single school year.

For some particular reason that I still yet to figure it out, my keeps loses his pencils… uuuuugghhh!! That kills me!!. But this year I know he is not going to miss place any pencil. Why?, because this year he is getting BIG VELOCITY pencils.

Back to school 4

What is new on this BIG mechanical pencils is that has a stronger lead, double erasers, is very smooth and has soft comfortable grip. I love the bright new colors.

Back To School Already? Btw Uniform, Supplies & Graduation My Wallet Is Crying

I already got mine to write the notes for my posts. Sharing is caring!!! 🙂


Did you start the back to school shopping? How do you plan to tackle this years school list?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Back To School Already? Btw Uniform, Supplies & Graduation My Wallet Is Crying

  1. Joining you from #alittlebitofeverything, glad to have found your linky party ;). I won’t have to buy school supplies for a while; I am not looking forward to having to buy it all, but I always loved new school supplies!

  2. No doubt about it, back to school time can definitely get expensive! Those books in high school can make a backpack so heavy; it’s amazing they last a year.

  3. I did most of mine yesterday! I can’t believe how early some kids are starting this year. Do you do private school? We don’t yet but have considered it. Thanks for sharing on Family Joy Blog Link-up. Please come back and join us again!

  4. School starts next week for my son who is entering Kindergarten. I admit I haven’t even started shopping yet. I guess Kindergarten doesn’t require too many supplies other than clothes right now. We will find out next week! Congrats on your son entering high school. That’s crazy! #ProductReviewParty

  5. I finished with my daughters school shopping, and boy is it getting expensive every year! The older they get, the more expensive back to school shopping is. #ProductReviewParty

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