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Simple Steps To A Great Vacation – #Vacationmode

Simple Steps To A Great Vacation - #Vacationmode

As a working mom it is important to spend good, quality time with the family as work can limited us a lot. Personally, I just get one week vacation and I have to be flexible with only the days on that week.

Planning your vacation with enough time will allow you to decide where to go, where to stay and what to do.

My five simple steps to get into our vacation mode start here:

1. Set The Time

It doesn’t matter whether your vacation is planned for winter, summer or spring it is good to remember that this is your time out. You don’t need to be bother with any work related matter now. This is your time to relax and forget about the headaches that the everyday can bring.


2. Set your Budget

While on vacation it seems like we can tend to go all out of our budge rather, keep in mind it can also left us with a broken bank account. Set you money aside for your favorite time; try to plan for meals out, activities and some extra for the unplanned (gifts, souvenirs, ect.)


3. Research for Locations

I totally get that sometimes we are eager to visit this awesome place that we have being talking about. But, if the place we want is out of your budget it is very important to have a second or even third option. Start researching for some other places even close to home. Road trips are a great opportunity to get to know more places.


4.  The Hotel

The Hotel can be one of the most expensive part of your vacation; again research is the key. We all know that there are so many hotel brands now. Some brands can be better than others, true. However, most of them offer rewarded nights so it is good to check their policy and see what can we win collecting and using does rewards.

The Hotel reward club that we like to use often is IHG. IHG is partner with Holiday Inn, Intercontinental Hotels and resorts, Candlewood Hotels amount other hotel brands. With newly renovated hotels the stay is always a good experience.


5. How To Get There

If you are driving or traveling by plane first don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition.

If it is by plane you are going remember to double-check your passports expiration date, call the airline to confirm your fly and reserved your sits.


At the end of the day is all about you having a good time with the family. It is time to enjoy what you hardly work for.

I hope these simple tips can be of good use for you. Enjoy your summer and most importantly enjoy your vacation.









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  1. Great tips! I once went to Barcelona in Santa Susana area, but didn’t do too much research on the bus schedule..so the day we were supposed to leave-we missed the bus and almost our flight! So I agree-do some research! LOL

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